Is Austin Bike Friendly for Families? Mar30


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Is Austin Bike Friendly for Families?

I see lots of people biking around Austin. What I don’t see are many families who bike together. Is Austin a family-friendly biker city? A good question came in from Samantha. She is wondering the same thing and hoping to get her family and their bikes out on the main roads in Austin.


I have three kids ranging from age eleven to three and we love to ride our bikes. I would like to ditch the car more often, especially when the weather is nice and not too hot yet, but I don’t know just how safe it is to ride our bikes as a family to and from work or school. The exercise factor is one aspect that is really motivating us to ride more than we drive and we are also trying to teach our kids how to live a little greener. I know there are trails all around Austin, but it would be nice to use the main roads to get to many of the places that aren’t accessible via the trails. What I’m wondering is, are Austin drivers cautious enough to watch out for families biking or is it just too dangerous? I have been taking more notice while I’m out on the roads in Austin and I really don’t see many families on bikes. Thanks for your help and I hope that there are some of your readers who can help us out. Are there any laws that I need to be aware of before we hit streets?