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From the Forum: Insider Christmas

Austin is a city with lots of newcomers. Can you remember your first holiday in a new city? Did you know what to do and where to go? An excellent question came in from Josie on the LiveMom Forum:

I’m a relative newcomer to Austin, having lived here for only six months now. I love Christmas time and am feeling like such an outsider because I’m so new to town. I moved from the SF area- a place where I lived for the past twenty years. I knew the celebrations and the “cool” neighborhoods to drive around in looking at Christmas lights. Thanks to this site, my family and I have now seen the Zilker Tree and the Trail of Lights, as well as a couple of other Christmasy type things going on.

What I’d like is some of your insider suggestions on what to do and where to go in Austin to celebrate the holidays. Are there any places that you can recommend or things that we should do that aren’t so mainstream? I want to feel like I know where it’s happenin’ without ten thousand other people fighting to see the same thing!

Can you help? Are there any special places that you and your family like to go to get into that special spirit of the holidays? Any special holiday traditions that just wouldn’t be the same if you lived outside of Austin?