PBS Kids Webisode: Noah Comprende Apr18


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PBS Kids Webisode: Noah Comprende

I attended a brunch back in March during SXSW that was hosted by PBS Kids. Thanks to Corrin from Oh hey, what’s up for setting me up with the invite, I spent the morning with a room full of talented local and national mama bloggers- some of whom I know (A Closet Writer, Loving Austin Living, Kludgy Mom), others whom I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time (The Days are Just Packed, Kidding Around Austin, Wendi Aarons.)

I was excited to attend this special brunch. In addition to it being held at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Austin (who doesn’t love a free, childless brunch at the Four Seasons?), I had an opportunity to meet the people behind the scenes at PBS Kids. Sara Dewitt, VP of PBS Kids Interactive and Linda Simensky, VP of PBS Kids Programming both took a few minutes to tell us about what they do, the process they go through to create what we see on the television. I was quite impressed with the amount of research and testing that goes into the development of the shows and games. PBS is about the only kid television that is on in our house when my four year old sits down to watch TV. It’s a trusted source, one that I don’t have to worry over, and I now know why. I don’t have to do too much television babysitting to know that what she is watching isn’t going to turn her into a potty mouth  or introduce her to topics that are more appropriate for a thirteen-year-old than a four-year-old. After all, she has a twelve-year-old brother to help her out with that stuff.

We were introduced to a couple of new webisodes that are being released, one of which caught my attention. Noah Comprende is a webisode that is being released this month, targeted to children ages 6-8 years old. The web-only series follows Noah as he spends time in his grandmother’s village where no one speaks English. The bilingual dialogue is catchy and easy for kids to grasp with a fun storyline to follow. Many of you have asked us here at LiveMom about Spanish immersion programs, camps and classes around Austin. Although watching Noah Comprende is quite a stretch from signing your child up for a Spanish immersion summer camp, it certainly seems like a good way to have your kids pick up a few Spanish words. And vice versa for Spanish speakers who would like to learn more English. To watch the Noah Comprende webisodes, they are available here.

What do you think? Have you watched the new webisodes yet? Are there any other bilingual sources that you use to teach your children a second language?