ACL Rising Stars: Vonnegutt

You know you are old when instead of daydreaming about the lead singer at a live show you imagine your twelve year old son as being the one on stage. Kyle Lucas, hip-hopper extraordinaire, jumped around on the stage with his pants sagging low enough to show his boxers. If you are a mom to a pre-teen/ teen/ young adult son, you surely can imagine why I then had an image of my saggy-britches boy child up on the stage. But I have to say that it gave me hope that he can sport the sag and still lead a somewhat successful life.

Needless to say, that really got me into the music!

We checked into the Austin City Limits Festival early this morning and almost immediately started to hear about Vonnegutt, a band that is originally from Marietta, Georgia. And with very good reason. Even now, as I sit here in the late afternoon typing this out, I still hear people talking about them.

We sampled one of their tracks at an impromptu dance party with a few three year olds about a month back. Vonnegutt was officially on our radar. They were one of the top on our list of Rising Stars performing at ACL this year.

Their sound? Imagine hip-hop, rock and a little bit of R & B in the mix as well. We could only stay for the first few songs, but all of the ones were heard we mild in lyrics (meaning you could actually be ok with your kids jamming out to them by your side) with most of the songs being about love, a respite from most hip-hop out there that is about sex- the ones that you turn off immediately when they come on the radio.

If you have a chance, check out Vonnegutt. It’s something that both moms and kids can groove to when the witching hour hits your house.

We had a chance to ask them a few questions. Kyle Lucas, frontman/ emcee was kind enough to answer.

LiveMom: Does the fact that Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World have a special appeal to you to perform here?

Vonnegutt:  Yes.  Our first time here we played SXSW and we were amazed by the quantity and the quality of music in Austin.  It’s a special city.
AdvertisementLiveMom: What makes the Austin City Limits Music Festival unique compared to other music festivals?

Vonnegutt: Even though it’s a large festival it still feels really intimate.  It’s in an amazing park in the middle of the city.

LiveMom: Have you been to Austin before? If so, are there any things you want to make sure to do while you are here, and if not, are there any places you want to check out?

Vonnegutt: We’ve been to Austin once and honestly the thing we couldn’t wait to do here again is eat.  We love Torchy’s, P. Terry’s, Matts El Rancho, and Texas Honey Ham Breakfast Tacos.

LiveMom: What other bands are you most looking forward to seeing perform during ACL?

Vonnegutt: Vampire Weekend, Tthe Strokes, MIA, and our friends in The Constellations and Manchester Orchestra.

LiveMom: Were you a fan of the live ACL show on PBS before the event became an outdoor music event?

Vonnegutt: Yes we grew up watching it outside of Atlanta. Our faves were Arcade Fire, Beck with The Flaming Lips, and Johnny Cash.

LiveMom: Are you doing any aftershows?

Vonnegutt: We did a small acoustic gig last night but we actually are really looking forward to enjoying the festival as fans.

Catherine Prystup
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