Ask the Expert: How Can I Prevent & Treat Winter Colds And The Flu?

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Now that we have made it through the first round of back-to-school illnesses, it’s time to get prepared for our not-so-favorite time of year: cold and flu season. With all these germs floating around, what’s a parent to do? That leads us to our question:

What is the best way to prevent and treat winter colds and the flu?

Baylor Scott & White Cedar Park Clinic Pediatrician Goddy Corpuz, M.D. provides Central Texans with some “prevention measures” when battling these common illnesses. First things first: there is a difference between a cold and the flu. Colds are usually signaled by sneezing, congestion and possibly a low-grade fever, while the flu is marked by severe body aches and sudden high fever.

Goddy T. Corpuz, MD; Pediatrician, Scott & White Healthcare
Goddy T. Corpuz, MD; Pediatrician, Scott & White Healthcare


“Sometimes, though, as much as we try to prevent it, you may still catch a cold or get the flu,” says Corpuz. “Many patients request antibiotics. However, colds and flu are caused by viruses, not bacteria. Therefore, antibiotics are useless in treating them,” he explains. Doctors also advise against overusing medications to relieve symptoms, since they are part of the natural healing process, and evidence that the immune system is battling illness. “A low-grade fever is the body’s way of ‘burning off’ offending germs, and coughing can help clear the lungs of infected secretions,” Corpuz adds.

And contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as the “stomach flu.” Although one out of three people with the flu may have an upset stomach, this is rarely the main symptom of the flu. “This is because the influenza virus affects the respiratory system, not the digestive system,” Corpuz maintains.

The single best “remedy” to prevent the flu is getting a flu vaccine. Other prevention measures include:

  • Washing your hands frequently, since most viruses are spread by direct contact
  • Avoiding touching your face, since viruses enter your body through the eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Drinking plenty of water

If you start feeling under the weather, should you start taking Vitamin C and zinc, or just stock up on chicken soup? Despite what many people believe, claims that echinacea, ginger and garlic will prevent or help fight a cold or the flu are inconclusive. Furthermore, flu and colds are more common in the winter months because that’s when the viruses spread across the country; it’s not due to cold weather. As far as chicken soup’s magical powers, hot liquids will definitely help to soothe a scratchy throat or cough, but unfortunately, it has no special power to cure. The cornerstones of a fast recovery are simple: rest and plenty of fluids. And, if you suspect you have been exposed to or have the flu, call your doctor immediately.

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