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Here at LiveMom, we put out a call to a few of our friends to see if anyone else wanted to join us on our Bucket List Adventure for 2014. The idea was to get out there and do one thing we’ve always wanted to do in Austin…about one per month. It might be with kids, might be without. Either way, we’re going to report back to you on how it went. If you go to the page with all of our lists, you can see which ones we have completed and written about.

We’re thrilled that Skye Kilaen joined us on our quest! Without further ado, here’s her report on her first “mission”:

When Nicole and Catherine announced the Austin Bucket list project, I knew CRAFT had to be on our list. I’m the proud parent of a six year old boy who loves colored pencils, stickers, and glitter. So a “walk-in craft and DIY studio” seemed like the perfect afternoon outing.

I was right!

I was a little nervous about going because from reading their website, I wasn’t quite sure how it would work. You just show up? And most materials you can just use? Some you have to pay for? What if my kid uses up all of something or makes a mess? Heck, when we walked up to the back porch from the parking lot, I wasn’t even sure it was okay to go in that door.

However, we were greeted right away by Elisabeth, the owner, and she immediately gave us a tour. There’s one specific room of the house where kids usually craft, and it’s stocked with plenty of paper, markers, beads, glitter, clay, stamps and stamp pads, miscellaneous treasures, pipe cleaners, and more.

The tables and chairs are also a little smaller in there which was nice for Boy Detective, age 6.Advertisement

Elisabeth was fantastic. When she talked to Boy Detective, she got right down on his level and talked to him with the same level of attention she’d paid when I was talking. When she first asked him what he thought of the place, he said “It’s better and worse than I expected. There are things you don’t have.” She crouched down on the floor and asked, in all seriousness, what he was hoping to find. Colored pencils? Oh sure, no problem, and she came back with colored pencils and white drawing paper just in case. He got comfortable pretty quickly walking through the house to find her and ask for anything else he needed.

There are two “grownup” rooms as well, with an additional range of supplies.

While I was messing around with stamps to keep myself occupied, Elisabeth kept an eye on what I seemed to be interested in and pointed out a few other supplies I could dip into that would go with those projects. I thought it was very sweet of her to assume I had any crafting abilities that would need additional supplies. (Not true. Really.)

They can host parties for kids or grownups, and I can definitely see the appeal of a crafting party where you don’t have to clean up afterwards. Because get this, she will not let you. We asked! She was very sweet but made it clear that you’re supposed to show up, relax, create, and don’t worry about cleanup – “especially moms!”

The downside to CRAFT is that with multiple kids, $10 per hour per kid would add up pretty quick. Boy Detective wasn’t really ready to go after an hour and your kid might not be either. Especially if it took them a while to settle on a project and they’re only halfway done. You may want to set expectations up front about how long you’re going to stay. There doesn’t seem to be a formal record keeping system about when you arrive (or she just forgot that day) so you should probably make a note of it yourself for your own comfort level. She said she does not charge for the grownup who’s hanging out with crafting kid(s), but I paid her for my time too since I made some cards while I was sitting there.

CRAFT is located (currently) on South First, between Monroe and Annie, on the west side of the street. It’s across from Jovita’s, and has its own parking in the back. Elisabeth says she’s looking at a bigger space on the east side, though, so check the website if you plan a visit to make sure CRAFT hasn’t relocated.

We’ll definitely be going back! Especially if I can convince the grandparents that gift certificates to CRAFT are the perfect no-clutter birthday present…

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Skye got back to Austin in 2000 and she’s never moving away again. She blogs her geeky mom life to a six year old boy at Planet Jinxatron, reviews Austin on Yelp, and gets unreasonably happy when people follow her on Pinterest.[/author_info] [/author]

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  1. Hi! Wow, thanks for this fun review! We’re thrilled to be included in your bucket list.

    I wanted to clarify a few things, just so your readers have a better understanding and don’t feel nervous about walking into a mystery.

    Regarding pricing, it’s $10 an hour only when you start crafting, and we charge by the minute after the first hour. So if you spend 45 minutes looking around and planning (which plenty of people do) and then you craft for an hour and 15 minutes, that means you were here for 2 hours–but the total cost is $12.50 (plus tax).

    We do sell extras in our little shop, like blank canvases and aprons and baby clothes and canvas bags, but there’s so much you can make without buying any extras. We also encourage people to bring items from home to craft here. We’ve had people bring in lamps to paint a new color, frames to bedazzle or turn into an earring holder by adding a screen instead of the glass, old canvases, and more.

    Finally, we do have a formal system for tracking the time that you’re crafting, using an old school time clock and punching you in and out. However, we often forget to use it! We’ll try to be better about that. Our idea is to be everyone’s craft room, and that includes making sure everyone is comfortable.

    We will be moving in May, and we’ll comment here when we have the date and address finalized. We are very excited to get into a bigger space!

    ***Finally, you do not have to be a kid or have a kid with you to come craft! Ladies’ night out, date night, team building, Pinterest crafting parties–we do it all.***

    Skye, we hope to see you and Boy Detective soon, and all of your readers too!

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