Austin Bucket List for 2014: Trailer Food Tuesdays

bucketlist1Here at LiveMom, we put out a call to a few of our friends to see if anyone else wanted to join us on our Bucket List Adventure for 2014. The idea was to get out there and do one thing we’ve always wanted to do in Austin…about one per month. It might be with kids, might be without. Either way, we’re going to report back to you on how it went. If you go to the page with all of our lists, you can see which ones we have completed and written about.

We’re thrilled that Traci Shannon joined us on our quest! Without further ado, here’s her report on her fifth”mission”:

I am so happy to be back at my Austin Bucket List. High on the list was finally joining in trailer food dining. How can I have lived in Austin for five years and never eaten from a trailer food truck?

While the city is dotted with trailers, many that I still wish to try, it seemed that the right place to start was the Trailer Food Tuesdays event at the Long Center. On the last Tuesday of each month, multiple trailers gather along the beautiful lawn. It is a rotating menu of Austin favorites.

TFT calendar

We parked easily at the attached garage (there is a cost of $7.00; cash or credit). We walked up the stairs and were immediately enveloped by a large crowd. It was a beautiful night and there was a great feeling of excitement in the crowd. We were really happy to be there.


The first stop was the beverage truck. Warning: this is pricey and the first of several lines you’ll stand in.

TFT Firemans 4 Blonde Collage

After getting our drinks, we headed out onto the lawn. Despite the crowds, there was a lot of space available for blankets and picnic-ing. Dogs and kiddos were running around, including this cutie.
AdvertisementTFT Running on the Lawn

Mom and Dad toasted as we wandered the lawn looking at the trailer choices. After choosing our option, we entered the line; the very long line. It was one of many.

TFT Truck Lines

The only trailer that did not have an extended line was the dessert truck. We seriously considered ice cream for dinner. But we committed to sliders and began our wait. We waited and… waited. After ten minutes standing without moving, I sent my hubby with the kids to sit.

TFT Hanging Out

I then began the waiting game. After 45 minutes, I had only moved halfway up the hill when my husband texted me, yes, texted me, suggesting that we move on. Fifteen minutes later, I agreed. I must say that I was glad I had begun the evening with a beer.

So we headed out with only half a check on the Bucket List. Here is my take-away. When coming with children, come early or don’t come hungry. Also, I suggest bringing entertainment of some sort. We saw other families with board games and balls to toss; I think that would have made the wait for the kids much more doable.

My hubby and I agreed that we would like to return. The Long Center lawn is beautiful and we enjoyed being around other Austinites. We would just come better prepared.

So that’s my almost check. I still need to actually eat from a trailer. Maybe next time…

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Traci Shannon is a former actress turned military wife, SAHM, and hopeful writer. She spends her days trying to catch up with that life that happened while she was busy making plans. You can read her adventures at A Star in My Own Universe.[/author_info] [/author]

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