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Moms, you need a break. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, a work-from-home mom or something else entirely, chances are you’re constantly juggling multiple things between kids, dogs, cats, husbands, work, bosses, boyfriends, lovers, etc. Life takes a lot out of you! And since there’s a really good chance you’ve already blown your new year’s resolution, it’s time to call your best girl friends for a weekend getaway.

Imagine three whole days of shopping, eating and drinking without having to think about naptimes and meltdowns. Sounds blissful, right? Throw in a spa day and some reckless gambling and you have the perfect weekend in Las Vegas.

Did you know that Austin has at least four daily nonstop flights to Vegas and they can run under $300 round trip? I was pleasantly surprised to find that out when I began researching my epic girls’ weekend. I quickly got two of my closest friends in Reno – Margie and Vicki – involved.

Without going into every teensy detail of the trip – Vegas can sometimes cause amnesia – I’ve broken down some handy Dos and Don’ts of how to have a successful Girls’ Weekend in Las Vegas.

Keeping Austin Weird in Vegas

DO: Keep your group small. If the number is too large, there can be conflict about who wants to go where and that defeats the purpose of a relaxing vacation.

DON’T: Plan every second of the trip. We knew we wanted to eat and shop so we flew by the seat of our pants. We took turns picking the restaurants and we didn’t have a bad meal the whole weekend.

DO: Stay somewhere nice. I know you may be tempted by a $39/night hotel that’s “close to the Strip.” But the general rule of “you get what you pay for” has never rung truer than when dealing with Las Vegas hotels. We got our room at Mandalay Bay for right around $150/night. For the three of us, it was perfect. We had an amazing view of the pool, plenty of restaurants to choose from and a spacious room and bathroom. I recommend checking for pricing before you book. Sometimes they even include a special deal like a $50 resort credit.

DON’T: Forget about the “resort fee.” Sometime after the last economic crisis sent Nevada into a tailspin, the resorts figured out a fancy way to increase revenue without increasing the room tax and room rate. Hence, the resort fee which can run anywhere from $25 per night and up. You don’t always know it when you book your hotel online so here is your heads up.

DO: Book a spa treatment. We debated between a spa day or seeing one of the amazing shows. But when we thought about what would be better for our souls, we chose the spa. As awesome as Cirque du Soliel set to Michael Jackson sounds, being pampered with facials and massages was better for our well-being.

DON’T: Spend more that $100 gambling on Wonder Woman slots. You won’t win. Trust me.

DO: Take advantage of happy hour. Drinks in Vegas are ridiculously expensive. Luckily, there are a ton of options for happy hour starting as early as 2 pm. A cocktail that is normally $15 can be knocked down to $6. Usually, there are food specials too. Vicki and I lucked out at Table 10 in the Grand Canal Shoppes. We each had two glasses of wine and shared three appetizers. Cost? Less than $30.

Eat. Drink. Shop. Repeat.
Eat. Drink. Shop. Repeat.

DON’T: Leave your credit card with the bartender for an open tab. Remember what I said about Vegas amnesia?

DO: Get a present for your kids and spouse while you’re away.

DON’T: Tell them it was from Walgreens or the airport.

DO: Grab some beer and wine to enjoy in your room.

DON’T: Buy something bedazzled/sequined/sparkles unless you know you’ll only wear it once while you’re in Vegas. Once you get away from the glow of the neon, you’ll realize that it’s just not your style.

All dressed up at Rose. Rabbit. Lie.


DO: Laugh a lot! Vicki, Margie and I have so many inside jokes, most of them about our inevitable future living together in Miami and eating cheesecake a la The Golden Girls.

DON’T: Fight over who is the most Dorothy-like out of the three of you.

DO: Meet your long-lost friend from high school who happens to have a VIP table in a nightclub. Even if you’re not the clubbing type, a VIP table is a rare opportunity you’ll talk about for a long time. We had our own security guy to escort us to the bathroom at Marquee. I felt like a Kardashian!

Livin’ it up VIP-style

DON’T: Book your flight out at 8 am.

Do you have tips to share about going to Vegas with friends? Or how to have a successful girls’ weekend? Let us know in the comments!

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]After growing up in Pittsburgh and bouncing around The West, Lisa Caldwell settled in Austin in 2012 with her husband and daughter with the dream of eating tacos for the majority of her meals. In her spare time, she writes at Hip-Baby Mama.[/author_info] [/author]


Lisa Caldwell
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After growing up in Pittsburgh and bouncing around The West, Lisa Caldwell settled in Austin in 2012 with her husband and daughter with the dream of eating tacos for the majority of her meals. In her spare time, she writes at Hip-Baby Mama.

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