Breastfeeding Outside Our Bedrooms

This is such a cool project that is happening right here in Austin! It’s such a great help to breastfeeding mamas living in or visiting the Austin area. Please be sure to get involved if you are currently breastfeeding, as they need all of the support they can get. Spread the word and most importantly, feed those babies! Here’s a little about the project, written by Chasity Gordon.

B.O.O.B. is committed to supporting breastfeeding mothers everywhere. B.O.O.B. is an on line community conversation, both practical and philosophical, about how our society does and does not support breastfeeding. While the American Association of Pediatrics advocates that all infants are breastfed until they are at least one year of age, our social mores often prevent a mother from feeding her child in public without being leered at, or at worst, fined for indecent exposure. To date only 38 states have laws protecting a mother’s right to breastfeed her child wherever and whenever the child is hungry. The purpose of the B.O.O.B. project is to show which places have embraced breastfeeding, and are currently helping to better integrate it into our society. B.O.O.B. seeks to let new mothers easily find these locations throughout Austin, Texas, and beyond.

B.O.O.B. is an interactive, site-specific, utilitarian, and philosophical artwork begun by Belle South founder Chasity Gordon and new media artist Jessica Gomula. The project explores the question of where in Austin would visiting breastfeeding mothers be welcome to nurse during the South By South West Interactive conference. They believe the easy to use, and easy to integrate Google-map will be a welcome resource for the mothers attending SXSW, and more importantly, as a long term resource for all new mothers living in the Austin area.

AdvertisementBe sure to check out the website for upcoming events- I hear there is a first birthday celebration with free cake coming soon!

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