Bullet Point Coffee Shop Review, Month 3: Corona Cafe

First it was Cafe Mundi. Then it was Little City. My two favorite coffee shops, one where they actually knew my order when I walked in, have closed. When I heard the news that Little City was closing, I literally got all teary-eyed.

I call myself a coffee shop junkie, even though I don’t get to hang out at them as often as I would like to now that I have kids and all. And so what’s a junkie to do when her two favorite spots have closed? Go in search of a new one.

Austin has changed quite a bit since I moved here over 14 years ago. One very noticeable change is the amount of coffee shops that have sprouted up in all areas of town. There are tons of ‘em! They’re everywhere! To get my fix, I plan to visit and review at least one a month until I find my new favorite spot. You can read about the previous reviews here. To make it easy on you and on me, the reviews will be in bullet points with lots of photos to free up more time to people-watch, an essential when you are at a good coffee shop.

BareNaked Family, a family that I openly admit to having a crush on, took over Corona Cafe a few months ago. Greg and Jenn, the owners, have three kids who have partly been raised on the road in an RV. Their story in a nutshell? Back in 2001, they ended their corporate careers, took the kids out of school and took to the road, traveling together as a family to find something that would work for them as a whole. They drove across the country looking for their home. They landed in Austin, stayed for a while then packed up last year and moved back to Seattle, the place where their journey originally began. After realizing they were missing Austin, they packed up again and moved back this year. An unconventional road to success, one that didn’t meet many people’s expectations, worked for them. They found their home and a bonus business as well!

My crush for them grew even deeper when I heard found out that the two eldest kids work the coffee shop– willingly work the coffee shop, that is. You see, they all like being together. They all like to pitch in to make their family a success. They support each other. Seeing those kids in action, listening to them interact with each other, makes me proud, even as an outsider to their family.

But, being the coffee shop junkie that I am, I was concerned that I might not have as big of a crush on the coffee shop as I do the family. Did it manage to win me over as much as the family has? Read one to see!

Here are the pros:

  • Personalized, caring service
  • Family owned and operated

  • Local food from Eastside Pies, Tamale House (yum), Quack’s, Upper Crust and more
  • Small menu selection consisting of wraps, sandwiches, bagel dogs, pizza, fresh fruit salad and a cereal bar making ordering/ deciding easy.

  • Free Wifi
  • Kid area! Kids are welcome!

  • Clean
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  • Great neighborhood “vibe”
  • Music selection good– not too loud, not too soft
  • Character! You can tell it’s not a chain.

  • Small, intimate space ideal for small groups
  • Central location, easy to get to
  • Good coffee
  • Constant flow of customers coming in making for good people watching


And now the cons:

  • Not a great outdoor space; only a couple of tables in front that face the parking lot.
  • Small, not great for large groups to meet

  • While I enjoyed not having such a large menu, if you are wanting a variety for lunch or breakfast, this might work against you as there is not a large menu.

Go give them a try, Austin!

Corona Cafe

1215 Corona Drive.

They are in the Windsor Park neighborhood next to Nomad.

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