Bullet Point Coffee Shop Review, Month 4: Thunderbird Coffee

First it was Cafe Mundi. Then it was Little City. My two favorite coffee shops, one where they actually knew my order when I walked in, have closed. When I heard the news that Little City was closing, I literally got all teary-eyed.

I call myself a coffee shop junkie, even though I don’t get to hang out at them as often as I would like to now that I have kids and all. And so what’s a junkie to do when her two favorite spots have closed? Go in search of a new one.

Austin has changed quite a bit since I moved here over 14 years ago. One very noticeable change is the amount of coffee shops that have sprouted up in all areas of town. There are tons of ‘em! They’re everywhere! To get my fix, I plan to visit and review at least one per month until I find my new favorite spot. You can read about the previous reviews here. To make it easy on you and on me, the reviews will be in bullet points with lots of photos to free up more time to people-watch, an essential when you are at a good coffee shop!

Month four of LiveMom’s coffee shop reviews took us to work/ talk at Thunderbird Coffee on Koenig Lane. Nicole had a voucher that was burning a whole in her pocket. As I am always anxious for some coffee shop time, I readily agreed to meet there as soon as we could both squeeze it into our schedules.

My first visit to Thunderbird Coffee was several years ago. I happened to be there on a morning when a photo shoot was going down. It all felt very hip. This visit, there were no photographers around, but it was still very lively with lots of people watching opportunities. Being a non-hipster, I seem to feel comfortable each time I visit as the crowd is very diverse. Let’s move on to all of the other things that we like about Thunderbird…..


  • Location, Location, Location…. Central Austin on Koenig Lane in between Burnet Road and Lamar. (There is also a second location on Manor Road.)
  • Coffee Shop Fare– tasty, simple offerings

  • TacoDeli breakfast tacos… Yum!
  • Good tasting coffee that comes from a local processor– Cuvee. Local supporting local, we like!

  • Bright, natural light
  • Nice mellow music

  • Plenty of power outlets
  • Beer! If you aren’t in the mood for coffee, grab a brewski.
  • Friendly staff
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  • Kid Friendly– there are not toys or specific areas for kids to play but they do not frown on you when you walk in with kids in tow.
  • Large deck for outside seating

  • The food is very reasonably priced. We had $25 to spend and were able to get two cinnamon rolls, a hot cup of tea, a latte and two sandwiches for lunch. We spent $28 for a full day of eating.

  • Business hours are suitable for early risers or those of you looking for a place to go after the kids go to bed.


  • Parking… the lot is small so it can be tricky if you are trying to get a Suburban or large van in.
  • Busy so you may not find an appropriate seat, especially for meetings with more than just one person.

  • Small tables. Two people working on laptops with a plate of food and a drink each… there was not much room. I guess we should have closed the computers to enjoy our food, but we each have limited time to work so we were attempting to  kill two birds with one stone.

We both really enjoyed our morning at Thunderbird Coffee. I plan to be back again soon! Be sure to check out their blog as they have events happening throughout the year as well as lots of coffee information.


1402 Koenig Lane,  Austin


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