Bullet Point Coffee Shop Review, Month 2: Texas French Bread

First it was Cafe Mundi. Then it was Little City. My two favorite coffee shops, one where they actually knew my order when I walked in, have closed. When I heard the news that Little City was closing, I literally got all teary-eyed.

I call myself a coffee shop junkie, even though I don’t get to hang out at them as often as I would like to now that I have kids and all. And so what’s a junkie to do when her two favorite spots have closed? Go in search of a new one.

Austin has changed quite a bit since I moved here over 14 years ago. One very noticeable change is the amount of coffee shops that have sprouted up in all areas of town. There are tons of ‘em! They’re everywhere! To get my fix, I plan to visit and review at least one a month until I find my new favorite spot. You can read about the previous month’s review here. To make it easy on you and on me, the reviews will be in bullet points with lots of photos to free up more time to people-watch, an essential when you are at a good coffee shop.

This month, I happened to stumble into Texas French Bread on 29th and Rio Grande. I bought a Groupon a couple of months ago and needed to find a place to go that had air conditioning. I was pleasantly surprised and also a little disappointed in myself that I had never visited this location before.

Let me lay out the pros first:

  • Clean and simple interior
  • Free WiFi with a strong signal
  • Lots of natural light

  • Plenty of space, even during the busy lunchtime rush
  • Good menu variety
  • Wide selection of desserts and pastries that are made fresh daily

  • Fresh bread made daily
  • Live music on certain nights of the week
  • Playground for the kids outside with shade from a huge Texas Live Oak tree for our extra hot Texas summers


  • Easy to navigate parking lot with plenty of spaces
  • High quality food–homemade salad dressing, herbs from their garden
  • Excellent locally roasted coffee

  • Austin owned and operated for over 20 years
  • Excellent hours: open from 7:00am-10:00pm Monday-Saturday; 8:00am-6:00pm on Sunday
  • Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Locally sourced chicken and eggs

And the cons:

  • It’s a bit pricey–the lunch special, which includes half a sandwich, salad or soup, a drink and a cookie costs $10.99 including tax. Coffee drinks start at $1.95 for a single shot of espresso.
  • No special area for kids with toys or things to entertain them inside although there are a couple of highchairs.
  • Outlets for electricity are limited so would be wise to secure a spot early if you are going during a busy time of day to work on your laptop.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Where is your favorite coffee shop in the Austin area?

Texas French Bread

2900 Rio Grande Blvd.

*Disclosure: LiveMom was not compensated to write this review. All food and beverage products consumed during this review were purchased by LiveMom.

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2 Comments on Bullet Point Coffee Shop Review, Month 2: Texas French Bread

  1. Thanks very much for the positive review. We certainly appreciate the affirmation. A couple of brief notes on pricing – TFB was started in a time of very low food costs and a “pile it high” attitude towards portion size. In recent years we’ve witnessed previously unimaginable increases in wholesale food costs, but we’ve found that most of our customers would rather pay more than have us change the formula (lunch special includes drink, cookie, homemade salsa, and lots more). Ask our staff when you come in – we do have a number of more streamlined (and less expensive) options.
    Thx again,
    Murph Willcott
    Texas French Bread

  2. Thanks, Murph! The food is very delicious and well worth paying a little extra for homemade quality.

    We were excited to see that the dinner menu is 85-90% local and very reasonably priced. Looking forward to bringing a bottle of wine (it’s byob), friends, and sitting outside when the weather gets a little nicer while enjoying dinner.

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