Capital MetroRail : Have You Used It?

My name is Lori, and I am directionally challenged.  This results in my having a REALLY hard time navigating downtown Austin.  I have been SO excited about the new Capital MetroRail service and have been thinking it would be a great way to get downtown with my kiddos and some of their friends without the hassle of traffic, navigation, and parking.

After spending some time perusing the stations, schedules, and how-tos listed on the Capital Metro Transit site, I realized that getting my kids downtown on the MetroRail was going to be a lot harder than driving down.  The schedules and stops are definitely designed for commuters who want to use the MetroRail for getting to and from work.  The schedules have trains departing early and returning late with no trains running in the middle of the day. Considering that my youngest is under two and still naps, this wide space between scheduled runs does not work for us.Advertisement
I am thinking about riding with the kids downtown, and then asking my husband to pick us up around lunch time and ferry us back up north.  I think the experience of the train ride itself would be an adventure for the kids and their friends (and me).

I am curious; have any of you lovely readers used the MetroRail yet?  If so, did you ride with kids or without?  How quick was the commute?  Did you feel relaxed riding while someone else handled the “driving?”  If you have used the MetroRail, please leave a comment to tell us all about your experience.

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  1. We have found the best is to take the Rail downtown and then the Express bus back. I would recommend a carrier over trying to haul any kind of strollers though as storage is limited. ;)

  2. I agree! I was thoroughly excited to check out the schedule in hopes of having a great day downtown with my girls (5 & 1). But it cannot be. Riding the bus is fine, but I really wanted to share the rail experience with them. I have a friend who’s offices are moving downtown and she won’t be able to ride either. Turns out if you’re not at the station by 5:30 you’re out of luck! Sure would be nice if they set this system up for success. I’ve seen the trains go by half full and it breaks my heart. Such an awesome system that we just can’t support!

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