Daily Monotony

We danced, we played with toys, went to the park, played this little piggy went to the market ten times, ate breakfast and lunch, napped and cleaned the house. And it’s only 1:30pm. What do I do with the four hours that are left until my husband comes home? If you are or have ever been a stay-at-home mama, you know the monotony that can often times sit right by your side. I have found that another group of moms has worked for me- do you have any suggestions for Andria to alleviate her daily monotony? Here’s what she had to say:

I stopped working before I had Blake. While I love, love, love staying at home, and, definitely feel fortunate… I feel, well, bored. Most of my friends were/are unmarried, and work. I usually grow annoyed because the range of questions they ask usually come to one thing, “What do you do all day?”AdvertisementWhat do you do to keep your sanity? To not jump on your husband as soon as he comes through the door, talking a mile a minute because that is the only adult you have seen all day?

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  1. I can totally relate. Especially with the hand off of two kids at 6:00pm. when hub comes home. He gets a call if it gets to 6:02!

    I like to take the kids to the gym where there is a great child care area. It’s safe, clean and mainly staffed by moms. We all win as I get a workout, the kids get a workout or at least some social time.

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