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You probably recognize Christine Haas’s face, since, up until recently, she was the anchor for the 5pm, 9pm and 10pm Fox 7 news broadcasts. She’s recently left the station and started her own business: Christine Haas Media. I read about her new venture in an article in the Statesman, and what jumped out at me was that we have something in common: we both have 9-year-old boys. Read on to find out more about her perfect day in Austin, what advice she would give to a new mom and what she would do with a whole day to herself.

Christine Haas
Christine Haas

LiveMom: How long have you lived in Austin, and what brought you here?

Christine: I moved to Austin in 2003 when KVUE hired me to be the primary evening anchor. I moved on to Houston in 2008, but returned to Austin in 2013.

LiveMom: What were some of the favorite stories you worked on or favorite interviews you did while working as a reporter?

Christine: There’s so many! I love investigative reporting – it’s a passion. While in Austin, I did an investigation into the way SBA loans were being distributed. The criteria or lack there of was eye opening. US Congressman Michael McCaul introduced that story as evidence into Congressional testimony. I was thrilled to be a part of that process and help inspire change in government.

LiveMom: What are you most looking forward to about starting your own business?

Christine: I have already enjoyed having my own business! I am a very goal oriented person and I love the idea that the sky is the limit with my business and my clients. I wake up excited about the new opportunities ahead and the realization that after serving my clients. I am also able to spend extra time with my son. He’s 9 and I’ve really missed spending evenings with him. This has been a true blessing for me in many ways.

LiveMom: What did you wish the average person better understood about the media?

Christine: I don’t think most people realize how easy it is for the average business owner or expert to be featured on the news. Many people spend enormous amounts of money on PR firms and get very little results and that’s because even some of the most seasoned PR firms don’t understand the dynamics of the newsroom and the genesis of a daily news story. I am helping my clients get coverage fast!Advertisement
LiveMom: In addition to being a news anchor, fitness fanatic, horse lover and mom, somehow you found time to write a book. The Ranch was published in 2012. Do you have plans to write another book?

Christine: Yes, I love writing. I actually just completed a book called ‘Call Me’. It’s a good guide for people looking for ways to leverage the media and get featured in social media without spending a ton of money on PR firms. You can find it at www.christinehaas.com.

LiveMom: What is your idea of a perfect day with the family in Austin?

Christine: I love heading out to the Oasis! Chips and Salsa and a breathtaking view! We often stop there for lunch and then head down to the lake to do a little kayaking. Austin has such beauty and we often forget to treasure it! It doesn’t look like this where I grew up outside of Chicago!

LiveMom: If you had 24 hours to yourself in Austin, how would you spend it?

Christine: 24 hours to myself?!? That NEVER happens! Ha! In all honesty, I would rent a little cabin somewhere near the lake and just write…and hike. I truly value “down time” a lot more these days and enjoy the quiet. We all get so caught up in the stress of the day and deadlines. I ran into a girlfriend the other day who kept telling me how rested and relaxed I looked. I hadn’t realized how much tension I was wearing!

LiveMom: What’s one piece of unsolicited advice you’d give to a new mom?

Christine: Delegate. When my son was little, I tried to manage everything and maintain the same work load at KVUE. I really struggled. I remember one morning a few months after my son was born, I was emceeing an event and I just could not focus. I typically don’t prepare speeches in advance – I like talking off the cuff – but I was a mess! As I walked to my car, I realized I hadn’t slept well, eaten or taken care of myself over the previous few days. I wanted to be super-mom. And in the end, it’s best to just ask for help when you need it.

LiveMom: What’s the best way to keep up with what you are up to next?

Christine: Please visit my website and follow me on social media! I’m currently working to launch a whole new platform that will offer PR & Video consulting in an 8 week course. It’s perfect for business owners and experts who want to know what it REALLY takes to get featured by the media; it’s not that hard! I will be rolling that course very soon at www.christinehaas.com. Sign up for my newsletter and get my free ebook… I would love to help people grow their own business or platforms.

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