Featuring: Paige Powell from Tub of Toys

Local Austin mom Paige Powell recently launched Tub of Toys, an online toy rental program that delivers toys to your door. She shares with us the details of how the toy delivery program works and a little about herself in today’s feature.

LM: What motivated you to start Tub of Toys?

PP: My daughter, Brooklyn. I live in a small house in South Austin and noticed that there were a lot of toys shoved in the corners of my living room that she no longer played with and I found myself wishing I hadn’t spent money on them!

LM: Do you ship toys nationwide? What is your coverage area?

PP: No, we are a local Austin based company. Instead of shipping, we like to deliver our toys so we can meet our customers and they can meet us! We cover Austin and the surrounding areas, from Sunset Valley up to Georgetown.

LM: What is the cost? Are there additional shipping fees?

The cost is $25.00 a month plus tax, with this you get your tub of 6 toys, and it includes all cleaning, sanitizing, shrink wrapping AND delivery!

LM: Do you keep up with toy recalls and remove those recalled toys from your toy catalog?

PP: Of course! We watch every day for new toys that are recalled, and we also get great tips from our customers.

LM: Do you have any guidelines that you use for selecting which toys to have in your catalog?

PP: We check lists of the top selling toys for the year, and again get some great tips from our customers through our Facebook page. We want to be able to provide the toys your kids are currently playing with and our moms and dads have been great about letting us know what those toys are!

LM: What are the age ranges of the toys?

PP: We currently have toys that cater to infants up to 5 years old.

LM: What are the benefits of having a new set of toys delivered for your children?

We believe there are lots of benefits to using our service. First it will save you lots of money by renting the toys until your child gets tired of them versus buying each individual toy and then shoving them in the corners to collect dust. It will also help you de-clutter your home because again, you won’t have to store the unwanted and unused toys – you get a new set of toys your kids will love! Austin is also a very ecofriendly city, and parents are always looking for new ways to “go green.” This is a great way for families to recycle their unwanted and unused toys!Advertisement
LM: Now, Tell us about yourself! Are you a native Austinite?

PP: I am! I was born and raised here in Austin. I went away for college for a little while, but then came running right back! I love this city!

LM: How many children do you have?

PP: I have one daughter, Brooklyn, who will be 2 in December. And we are expecting our second child in March.

LM: What do you love about living in this city?

PP: I love so many things about this city. I love that you are never bored here, there is so much that this city offers. I love how friendly everyone is and how open people are to new ideas and businesses. I also love the fact that I can live in the heart of the city, and still have chickens in my backyard!

LM: What would you change about Austin if you had the chance?

PP: Well, right now it would be this weather! Could we please get a little rain??!!

LM: What is your favorite Austin spot to hang out at with your kids?

PP: We love having dinner at Phil’s Ice House on S. Lamar and letting the kids play on their great playscape. I also took full advantage of all the great splash pads around town this summer – those helped us survive the heat for sure!

LM: If you could give unsolicited advice out to another mother, what would it be?

PP: To live in the moment! The past two years have FLOWN by and my daughter is growing up so quickly. I would just say to love the stage they are in now and try to take in each and every moment!

To find out more information, check out TubofToys.com or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


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  1. what an awesome idea!!!!

    i wish this service was in existence when my daughter was little…she was the kind of baby that never played with toys…she just went after house hold stuff. she’d surprise us by playing with toys at friends’ homes or at playdates, so we’d buy her the toys we saw her play with…and then she’d ignore them once we gave them to her.

    i look forward to signing up for this service as soon as we come home…we will be coming home almost empty handed when it comes to toys, and this will be a great way for the kids to have stuff to play with as we get settled back in.

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