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Feel like your workout routine’s in a rut and your oversized t-shirt jammies are a constant?  How ’bout a little pole dancing to get your workout in AND get your sexy back?  Natasha at Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing took some time to chat with me AND has offered a gift certificate for up to three students to take a beginner class. Do you and two of your friends wanna get your sexy back? If so, read on and check out the giveaway information.

Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing is a local pole dancing studio that offers classes as well as performances.  I got a chance to chat with Natasha, the owner, a few weeks ago, and here’s a little bit of background as well as what I learned during our interview.

Natasha, an extreme athlete and former member of the U.S. Army special operations, has been the owner of and head instructor at Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing for four years.  She has studied and performed pole dancing extensively, learning from the best pole dancers in the world, including Pantera, Mercy Killings, Rain, Jenyne Butterfly, Sarah Cretul and Gravity Plays Favorites. Miss Natasha also has a teaching certificate to teach pole dancing.

My conversation with Natasha sparked some curiosity about the history of pole dancing. She gave me an overview of the history, and I took a little time to follow up by consulting Professor Google. Here’s what I learned: While pole dancing is currently viewed as an erotic art form, it was not always.  Pole dancing may be derived from Mallakhamb, a traditional Indian sport.  Pole dancing history indicates that the pole dancing craze started around the 1980s, though the first recorded pole dance occurred in 1968.

Read on for more on my interview with Natasha:

What sparked you to start the business? I chose to teach because of how physical pole dancing is.  Pole dancing is a total-body workout , and students are always amazed at the strength they gain. My love of pole dancing also sparked my interest.  I wanted to share my knowledge with the Austin community since there were no other places to learn it.

What prompted you to choose Austin for the location? I have family in the area, and I love the vibe of the city…. so much that I ended up transferring to the University of Texas at Austin to finish my degrees.

I’m guessing that pole dancing is quite an overall workout; with your extreme athletic background, what would you compare an hour of pole dancing to in terms of level of effort? Pole dancing can be as hard or as easy as the individual would like to make it.  We tailor our private lessons to the client’s goals.  Some people are just looking to put together a dance routine while others want to work on building their core muscles.  The effort can range from as easy as dance instructional class to the extreme of doing one-arm pull ups.  Working out on my level of pole dancing, I would compare it to an hour of rock climbing with a 40 pound pack.  The great thing about pole dancing is that it can be considered very hard, but the fun factor far out weighs the difficulty of the sport.  Pole dancing allows humans to get in touch with their “inner monkey.”  With pole dancing, you get to climb and swing your way to health instead of mindlessly lifting weights in a smelly gym.Advertisement
How do you feel you are perceived as a business owner and as a pole dance instructor? There are a lot of stereotypes behind the idea of pole dancing.  To the majority of the population, just the mention of pole dancing brings to mind a seedy gentleman’s club.  Just a quick demo on the pole gives people a new respect for the sport.  Once I can get them past the stereotypes, I am perceived as a strong female with a set of Brass Ovaries.

I notice that you and your instructors participate in shows around town and in other cities…what other press do you get?  I am not exactly “in the know,” but I had never heard of your studio until my boot camp instructor told me about it. Where else might I hear about your studio? Advertising at Forbidden Fruit, in The Austin Chronicle, on Facebook, and on Craigslist.  You also can click the Press link on the Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing site for a list of performances.

Tell me about the name for your studio…what is your perspective/why did you name it as you did? It is a combination of a spin on the male reference to brass body parts, which was constant during my military experience, and because the poles in gentlemen’s clubs are brass, and you need a set of Brass Ovaries to get up the damn thing!

Regarding your military service, was there anything about your service that led you to going into pole dancing as a performer/instructor/business owner or are the two completely unrelated (I’m drawing from the fact that your military experience led, in part, to the name of your business). Well I kind of came up with the mantra Brass Ovaries before I got into the military.  The military just reinforced my feelings about reclaiming my woman power in a male-dominated world.  For me my military service was just one aspect of my life that the “Brass Ovaries” mind set helped me through.  Getting through a difficult childhood, earning three college degrees, being the first woman to complete special operations training, and getting through hurdles to open and run my business have also taken Brass Ovaries!

Check out the Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing  web site for more information about the instructors, classes offered, and upcoming performances.


If you and two of your friends wanna get your sexy back, leave a comment. A random winner, using this random number generator, will be selected on Saturday, 5/15/10 at 4:00pm. Must be at least 18 years of age to enter. Double your chance of winning by tweeting about it, just leave your Twitter handle in the comment section. Do you “Like” us on Facebook? If not, “Like” us and leave a comment for another opportunity to double your chance of winning! If you do all three, you have three chances of winning! We’re nice like that…..

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