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If you are not skilled with the clippers you’ll find yourself in quite the pickle when it comes time to get your tots hair cut. Toddlers are squirmy, full of stranger anxiety and probably don’t find much amusement when someone is coming after their beautiful locks that they have worked so hard at growing out with a pair of scissors. I clearly remember my bright idea of saving money on haircuts when my son was a toddler. My friend brought me to a Sally store and bought me an electric clipper. I thought, no problem. Piece of cake. Boy, was I wrong. So wrong. He had bald spots all over his head! I cut it for him a few more times and then realized that some things in life are better left to professionals. Carey Ellen has a question for you:


Where in Austin do you go to get a haircut for a toddler (14 months old) who isn’t going to be cooperative?

Are there any good children’s barbers in Austin that you can recommend? What’s a reasonable price to pay for a child’s hair cut?

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  1. I LOVE Kid Clips in Davenport Village on Loop 360 at 2222. I’ve been taking my girls there for nine years! Suzy (the owner) is awesome and she has all the right things–cars and horses to sit on and a TV screen at every station, plus a playscape in the waiting area! And man, she’s FAST. And steady with the scissors. Her number is 346-KIDS.

  2. I take my son to our neighborhood place – Crestview Barber Shop (not to be confused with the Crestview Beauty Parlor) – and have Jarrod cut his hair. We’ve yet to have a bad hair cut there, and my squiggly 20-month-old is content to sit on Tony the Pony and watch all the other customers. A kid’s cut there costs $12.

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