Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all of you mamas out there a very wonderful day! Congratulations, Average Jane Crafter- you won the LiveMom Mother’s Day Giveaway. Here is the winning comment:

I love being a mom, because it’s put me in this great community of other mothers. No matter how horrible or wonderful my day may be, I go through it feeling supported by all the other moms doing the same thing out there in the world. I love feeling that connection and sense of community.

I also love being a mom, because it is so insanely challenging. I am forced – on a daily basis – to rethink, redirect, and regroup. It’s not always fun, but I keep reminding myself that challenges are what help me grow the most.Advertisement
Plus … I like toys. Having kids give me an excuse to look for, purchase and play with toys. So … toys … they’re a plus.


Enjoy your special day, mama.

Catherine Prystup
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Catherine Prystup founded LiveMom.com out of a desire to build a better community for Austin-area moms. She has three children, ages seventeen, eight and three years old.

3 Comments on Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Oh my! WOW! What a great treat! Thank you so much!

    And you know what? The fam will be *so* excited about the Serrano’s gift certificate. That has been a family favorite since before we moved to Austin, and I loved reading your Serrano’s feature last week. We end up there on most big family occasions!

    And the clock!? And the coffee!? My goodness, I’m so excited.

    I already have a signed copy of Kari’s fabulous book, so how about this: I’ll add it to the giveaway I’ve got going on on my blog. Sound ok?

    Thanks again! I love your web site. :)

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