How Do You…. Pee in Public?

OK, so this email had me laughing. Not at the mom who wrote it, but at myself. Remembering back to all of those times that I’ve tried managing a toddler in a public bathroom while I was peeing. The things people must have thought as they heard me yelling, “No, don’t touch that!! It’s icky!”.

I hate public restrooms and have done everything in my power to make sure that my nine year old knows what he’s allowed to touch, what can be touched better with his shoe instead of his hands and how he should use a paper towel to open the door on his way out after washing his hands thoroughly under scalding hot water. Here’s an email that came in from Natalie:

I’m embarrassed to write this email but I’m hoping that you and your readers may be able to shed some light on a situation for me.  I am a new mom and always on the run (no pun intended there). I’ve managed nicely so far with my four month old- he just attaches to me in his sling and comes along for the ride without any problems so far. Advertisement
I had to go to the bathroom while we were shopping at Central Market the other day. There was a woman with three kids in there at the same time trying to control them while she was peeing and failing miserably. They were using up all of the towels, playing in the water and making a huge mess of it all. The youngest even tried to run out of the bathroom… luckily a stranger was walking in at the same time and scared her back in. While all of this was going on I could feel the stress oozing off the mom behind the stall. She was yelling out their names trying to make sure they were all in there. The funny thing to me is that she knew they were messing up the place and telling them to stop playing in the water, towels, etc.

I only have one child- it’ll be easier for me, but how do you go to the bathroom in public with a crazed toddler running around? How do you manage to keep them germ-free while you’re doing your business?  Do you take them in the stall with you for easier watching or trust them to behave for a minute while mom has a potty break? This wasn’t something I thought through while I was pregnant. Please share any tricks that you have with me to ease my over-stressed, over-thinking brain!

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  1. I have almost-three year old twins and I always have them in either a stroller or the basket.

    That is key. There is NO WAY I’d have them running loose anywhere, I wouldn’t be able to keep track of them!

    I just park it right outside the bathroom and keep an eye on them through the crack in the door. And pee really fast!

  2. I love this entry. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. I try to avoid bathroom stalls, but sometimes my 4 year old just has to go. Believe me, being in the stall with a 4 year old peeing and a 2 year old touching EVERYTHING definitely has it’s moments : ) I carry hand-sanitizer in my purse and use it liberally after every visit. My 4 year old has opened the door while I was peeing on several different occasions. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to pee with both of them in the stall. There’s just no way.

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