How I Find Balance As A Mom

I’ve been asked how I balance working full time, being a mom, writing my personal blog as well as contributing to other blogs, and planning blogger events. Here are five thoughts on how I stay energized in all aspects of life, and why I rarely get burnt out:

Finding Balance as a Mom
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#1: I enjoy my career

Being a full-time working mom is hard, but it would be MUCH harder if I didn’t like my job. Thankfully I work for a great company that values family and career development. I take time off to vacation with family, and thankfully am able to be home if I have a sick baby to take care of. I am proud of the work I do, and this ultimately helps me to stay motivated when it comes to getting up and going to work every day. I plan on staying with my company till I retire…I have about 30 more years to go (geez).

#2: I blog for fun

Blogging is not my primary source of income, and I don’t plan on it ever being that. I blog simply out of enjoyment (and everyone once in a while I may get a trade out of it). I love that I can step away from my personal blog for a few days, weeks or even months if I want. This allows me to have freedom in my writing, and if I’m stuck in a rut, well it doesn’t matter because no one is counting on me to post.

#3: I make time for myself

Whether it’s a trip to Goodwill, the gym or Target, I enjoy getting some time for myself during the week, whether that’s after dinner for an hour to the store, or early on a weekend morning.  About once a week I attend a blogger or business event. This isn’t planned, but just happens to turn out that way because there is always something going on in Austin. I limit myself though to one event during the work week, because I don’t want to spend too much time away from my family.

#4: I foster quality relationships

I’m very lucky to have a many types of friends: neighborhood mom friends, college friends and blogging friends. Each friend is so important to me, and brings joy to my life in their own way.  I love to have lunch with friends or hang out with my neighbors after my son has gone to bed.Advertisement

#5: I make time to exercise

Exercising gives me energy, confidence and alleviates a lot of my stress. Feeling strong makes me a better mom, wife and business professional. My husband works out early in the morning, so I tend to work out right after work or I’ll go for a 30 minute walk during lunch. I love Zumba, any Les Mills class (especially Body Pump for strength) and I recently became a member of PureBarre Cedar Park. I don’t put a ton of pressure on how many times I work out. Sometimes I might work out 3-4 times a week and sometimes just once. If life gets busy, I count chasing and picking up my toddler as exercise.

My husband is a huge help. We allow each other to have our own hobbies, interests, friends and time to ourselves, which is extremely important to our marriage and parenting style.

I don’t believe life will ever be perfectly balanced, and that’s completely OK!  What ways do you find balance as a busy mom?!

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Jesse was raised in a small Texas town, and moved to Austin with her college sweetheart, Alex, in 2012. Jesse has a passion for marketing and pursues that in her corporate day job. At night she blogs, and has blogged personally for four years at Jesse and Alex have a 3 year old son, and are expecting Boy/Girl Twins this January.[/author_info] [/author]