It’s Getting Hot Out There

So, as of yesterday, summer is officially here! Now we enter the portion of the year when a walk in the frozen section of HEB is divine and sweat marks after minutes outdoors are commonplace. Although spending a majority of the upcoming months submerged in water does have its appeal, like Shannon, I do find myself caving to more requests for cold treats from my son.

Here is a list of the places we like to hit for summer treats (because when it’s scorching outside, the sugar high is more important than the inevitable sugar low):

Teo’s – Right around the corner from the Central Market on North Lamar, Teo’s has really tasty gelato for the young and old and coffee for the grown-ups. Visit on Tuesday and you can get a small gelato for $2 (cash only).

Sandy’s – Just south of the Long Center, Sandy’s Hamburgers is an Austin institution. More than likely, you can get frozen custard for your entire crew by scrounging around your car’s floorboard for change. There are tables hidden in the back, or you can drive through or walk up. They also serve shakes, malts and other chilly treats.

Mr. Natural – If you haven’t had an agua fresca (per Wikipedia, a refreshing drink made of fruit, cereals, seeds, sugar and water), you are missing out! Mr. Natural has one of the best selections in town. With two locations — one on South Lamar and one on East 1st — and a full bakery, there is plenty to choose from. The bakery is stocked with treats made from whole wheat flour and natural sweeteners.

South Austin Sno – South Austin Sno is a family-owned biz with a great selection of flavors and friendly staff. Once you go, you’ll find it’s hard to drive by again without stopping!Advertisement
Nau’s Drug – Close to downtown, Nau’s has Austin’s only remaining drug store fountain. Celebrate a special occasion with a banana split, or opt for a milkshake or a cherry Dr. Pepper.

Quack’s – Although they don’t have a vast selection of cold treats, Quack’s gets extra credit for their adorable iced cookies. Located in Hyde Park, Quack’s is on the same block as Dolce Vita if you get desperate for something icy. I dare you to check out the menu online and not drool on your keyboard!

Amy’s – A list of Austin sweet spots wouldn’t be complete without Amy’s. We tend to frequent the Amy’s in the Arboretum in the summer months, although we love Phil’s Ice House when it’s cooler out.

What is your favorite spot to get a break from the heat?

Written by: Nicole Basham

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A native Austinite and soccer-playing mom, Nicole uses her 10-year-old son as an excuse to rediscover her hometown through his eyes. In Thoreau's words, her mission is to "suck out all the marrow of life", or in her son's words, to cultivate in him a love of "advenchers".

5 Comments on It’s Getting Hot Out There

  1. You have to check out Casey’s Snow Cones at Airport/51st! SO GOOD! Not your average snow cones…

  2. there’s a hawaiian shaved ice place in round rock that’s on my list of places to try…will have to schedule some of the ones you’ve listed, too.

  3. Teo is definitely our favorite, but for snow cones, you can’t beat Jim Jim’s. Carts can be found at the farmer’s markets, Barton Springs and Deep Eddy. And they have a store front on 6th street. We’ve also been loving the frozen yogurt shops that have popped up recently, especially Yogurt Planet at the triangle.

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