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I am happy that I’ve found Such cool stuff made by local Austinites. This embodies what LiveMom is all about- local moms working with local businesses! They have been generous enough to donate a cool Willie Nelson t-shirt. Here’s a description below:


Long live Willie. Show off your Austin music pride with this Willie Nelson screenprinted t-shirt by Austin’s own Reckon Wordwide. Long sleeves. Bright red print on lemon yellow background. Printed on American Apparel’s smooth, soft, super high-quality, 100% combed cotton fabric. We’re not kidding–you’ll be able to feel the difference right away! Available in sizes from 6 months to 6 years.

What do you have to do for your chance to win? Leave a comment telling us what you love about Austin.
AdvertisementI will pick a random winner on Wednesday, March 19th at noon. To double your chance, post a new topic or respond to a topic in the Forum!! Thanks Austinables!

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Catherine Prystup founded out of a desire to build a better community for Austin-area moms. She has three children, ages seventeen, eight and three years old.

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  1. I love the laid back people in Austin. I lived in Dallas for ten years prior to moving here and the difference is so amazing!

  2. There is so much that we LOVE about Austin! I love the weather – I know, you all complain about the heat, but, I’ll tell you – after coming from Tahoe and being buried under snow – I’ll take a little heat in exchange for the incredible winter we’ve just had! The commitment to live music. My husband and I are doing SXSW for the third year in a row – I’m doing the SXSW-light version as it is getting a little harder to maneuver through crowds with my 7.5 month pregnant belly! But, I love that so many bands come through here and I love that they all LOVE playing here. The crowds are much more supportive and into it as opposed to other cities like SF & NY. I love the people who gravitate here. Most people have such a sense of their creative-selves. People are inspired to do what they love and other people in the community support that. I LOVE that people from Austin LOVE being from Austin! You just don’t find that sense of pride in other places.

  3. I moved from San Antonio and as huge as it is, it seems there is nothing ever new. I LOVE AUSTIN becuase there is always something new to do, restaurant’s, music, festivals, the list goes on… and I live right next to the broken spoke, always hoping to catch a glimpse of Willie!!! I love Willie!

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