Mama Said- Eat Your Veggies!

of50294442.jpegI am a human data logger- a person who logs things inside of their head and occasionally on paper, constantly. It’s just one of the many things that will drive me crazy in the end, but seems to help me now. I log the approximate mileage that I drive in a day, how much money I’ve spent per month, how many calories I’ve consumed in a day and how much healthy versus unhealthy food my kids have eaten. I try to keep things pretty evenly balanced with their diets and limit the amount of sugar, bad carbs and fat that goes into their little bodies. While wanting them to have a good, nutritious diet, I also know that if you say no to the sugar and fat all of the time, it can only make them want it more. Hence, my sweet tooth! Thanks, mom.

I was reading this post the other day by Deanna Roy and felt some of her pain.

My quest to get Elizabeth to eat vegetables could not have gone any worse than today.

We sat around the table, arranging a board game for our Friday game night. As we’re doling out the cards for Hands Down, I notice something in the corner under a low table. Flower petals? Strips of paper?

I go over to investigate, feeling mildly alarmed.
AdvertisementWhat I saw made my stomach turn over.

A pile of dried baby carrots.

My kids are by no means picky eaters, although it has been a struggle over the past few years to get my son to try anything new. He started of as a toddler preferring salad to ice cream- I gave myself a pat on the back and thought that if I screwed up everything else, at least I taught him some healthy eating habits. He’s still a good eater but seemed to dismiss anything that he thought might not be good- like fish or anything that comes from water. I never wanted to be one of those moms who would cook a different dinner for the kids because that’s a whole lot of work! It was enough that I got one healthy home cooked meal on the table, much less two. There were many times when I lost hope and ended up always having something frozen to nuke if he refused to eat what we were having. It was my in between- I didn’t have to cook anything different for him, all I had to do was microwave it and add some veggies. It was better than feeding him fast food. And come one, we’ve all had those peanut butter and jelly dinners!

Finally, he has reached a new state of being and is open to trying new foods. He’s even admitted in the past couple of weeks to liking some of my “regular” dishes that he claimed to have hated before. Now, my daughter is a different story! She will eat ANYTHING! Really, anything… .a real life human vacuum cleaner. I wonder if she’s learned this from our dogs?

Do you have any advice on helping a fussy eater consume different, healthier foods? How do you get your kids to eat their veggies? Any good cookbooks that you can recommend or online recipes that your kids love. Please share with us!

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5 Comments on Mama Said- Eat Your Veggies!

  1. When I was with family over Christmas, my aunt showed me a book by Jessica Seinfeld (Jerry Seinfeld’s wife) called “Deceptively Delicious” which teaches you all sorts of ways to “hide” vegetables in food (even cookies!) so your kids don’t know they’re eating something good for them.

    Apparently, there’s some hub-bub about Jessica plagiarizing the book, but frankly the recipes looked good — I mean a way to put beets into cookies so that you can’t taste the difference, that’s just brilliant!

    Apparently the plagiarized book was called “The Sneaky Chef” so perhaps they’re both worth checking out.

  2. as obvious as it is…and my toddler tornado is NOT the poster child for great eating by any means :)…modeling is the best way Ive found.


    I really try to eat healthy and have found that what ever I eat is more alluring that whats on her plate (initially much to my BUT I MADE THAT FOR YOU chagrin).

    now? Im kinda glad to have a flax seed eating broccoli loving 2 year old.


  3. My miracle solution is smoothies. The kids (all 3) love smoothies when I make them at home and I cram all kinds of stuff in those suckers. I use plain yogurt, frozen berries, wheat germ, etc. Rarely, I will use ice cream and make a big deal of it. What they don’t know is that Ice Cream covers up lots of other flavors such as the broccoli and carrots I sneak in there!

  4. Diane – you are kidding! you don’t really put broccoli and carrots with ice cream – do you!? that’s fantastic! i love it… maybe you should share some recipes!

  5. I am dead serious.

    The ladies are pretty open to new flavors as it stands – their Godparents are from the Ivory Coast, I have a close friend from India, My ex is always taking them to different kinds of places and their step mom now has a lot of friends from different places.

    Here’s a tip………..You can cram shredded carrots in ANYTHING. Enchiladas, tacos, hamburger patties, etc!

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