Meet Chasity from Belle South

Introducing another resourceful and creative Austin mom, Chasity Gordon from Belle South. Be sure to check out her products and support a local mom.pc290101.JPG

Occupation: mommy, craft artist
Age: 34
Number of Children: 1
Current Projects: See below

  • Belle and Burger: My most recent project is a blog to help record of all my crafting and craft inspirations, cooking, and the ever-changing garden.
  • B.O.O.B (breastfeeding out of our bedrooms). B.O.O.B. is committed to supporting breastfeeding mothers everywhere. B.O.O.B. is an online community conversation, both practical and philosophical, about how our society does and does not support breastfeeding. While the American Association of Pediatrics advocates that all infants are breastfed until they are at least one year of age, our social morals often prevent a mother from feeding her child in public without being leered at, or at worst, fined for indecent exposure. To date only 38 states have laws protecting a mother’s right to breastfeed her child wherever and whenever the child is hungry. The purpose of the B.O.O.B. project is to show which places have embraced breastfeeding, and are currently helping to better integrate it into our society. B.O.O.B. seeks to let new mothers easily find these locations throughout Austin, Texas, and beyond.
  • Belle South: my original cottage craft line started in 2004 with some women’s summer blouses and dresses and winter crocheted hats, I was selling at Parts and Labor on south Congress. Being a Georgia native I thought Belle South helped describe my southern roots as well as the aesthetic of my product line .

What is your inspiration for the products you create?

This is a very involved question because inspiration is the true means to expressing your view and it is probably what sets humans apart. I have always found necessity and availability inspiring. Shopping at flea markets yard sales and thrift stores for raw materials was something I learned from my daddy. I also find that working in many different mediums can inform and inspire one to be more inventive with materials. I learned to sew exploring bookmaking and drawings and trying to define what a drawing was to me. Inspiration is part of my everyday. When I am feeling nearsighted or stuck I like to look at other peoples artistic views; paintings, books, fashion magazines, craft blogs, cooking shows, public gardens. I love color and drawing and try to use them as a point of departure for even my most functional pieces. I would have to say that Merle, my son, has probably been the most inspiring thing to ever be a part of my world. I just want to give him the understanding, courage, and confidence to trust his own inspiration and unique perspective.

When did you start your own business?


What did you do before you had your son?

I have always made things both functional and nonfunctional. I have bachelors in studio art in combined printmaking and ceramics. For my masters I studied mixed media combining book and printmaking, digital media, performance, and installation.

Where are you from? If you’re not from Austin, how did you end up here?

I grew up in the piney Georgia woods just west of Atlanta, I studied ceramics and printing in the foothills of the Appalachian Trail at Clemson university in South Carolina. I did masters work in the Sonoran desert at the University of Arizona in Tucson. After returning to Atlanta for a year I, moved to Austin because it was smack dab in the middle and still in the south.

Tell us one of your secret indulgences.Advertisement
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Which did you enjoy more, being pregnant or giving birth?

I enjoy having Merle more and more everyday.

What is your best childhood memory?

Fishing on the Okefenokee Swamp with my daddy in a flat-bottom boat with my feet flung over the side when I didn’t see any alligators around.

What is your dream vacation?

Right now taking my husband and Merle to see the Atlanta braves play at Turner field.

Who is your greatest influence?


What has been the toughest challenge in your career as mommy?

I am a very new mommy but so far it is just finding time to do things.

What is the one thing that you want your child to know before leaving home?

He isn’t going to ever leave is he?

What’s your favorite band and movie?

There are so many…right this second I love Jason Boland ands his Stragglers and I love the Muppet Show. Bobby “blue” Bland and Breathless (jean luc godard) are timeless favorites. I love country music and I love two-step dancing (and a waltz or 2) to Ray Price and Faron Young.

Catherine Prystup
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Catherine Prystup founded out of a desire to build a better community for Austin-area moms. She has three children, ages seventeen, eight and three years old.

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  1. I am so proud of my little sis… shorty! I miss you very much, give Merle & Kyle a “big hug & kiss” from me! Love- Chenel

  2. Lil’ C is one of the coolest mamas around. Her crafties are beautiful and have that perfect handmade touch. She is a true artist!
    love you girl!
    smooches to merle and kyle

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