No Changing Station, No Business

Eating out with children in tow is not always the ideal way to spend an enjoyable evening. Add a baby to the mix and sometimes it can be downright challenging to suck down your meal with a happy face. So, I always appreciate restaurants that offer facilities for children, whether it be a play scape or crayons and a sheet of paper to color on. As long as they are accommodating, I feel more inclined to spend money at their restaurant. As a mother, I get very irritated when restaurants don’t have a changing station for babies. I can understand it if they don’t have many customers with kids. They might think it’s a waste of space, time, money- who knows what. But, when there are scores of kids and a few babies in a restaurant on a Tuesday night, of all nights…. I would consider that restaurant to be child-friendly and have the right equipment for little ones. WRONG!

And, as it always happens, my daughter had a nice little present waiting for us right before eating. We walked instead of driving and were not equipped with the back of the wagon to serve as her changing table. I went to the restroom and lo and behold, it was nicely cleaned, but no changing table. My husband checked the men’s restroom, thinking maybe the one in the women’s was broken. Nada.
AdvertisementInstantly, this annoyed me. Maybe I was lacking the right amount of wine in my system to take the edge off. I got very pissy. I asked, who I assumed to be the manager, what I should do. Change her on the bench to add a nice aroma to the air? He had no idea, shrugged his shoulders and walked off looking like he had more important things to worry about. So, I grabbed a change of clothes from her bag to lay her on and proceeded to the bathroom. I was in the restroom, getting ready to change her, when the door knob jiggled. I opened it to find a woman and her three year old urgently needing to use it. I let them in and explained that it may take some time for what I was about to do. She expressed some sympathy and said that she also has a baby and could not understand why they wouldn’t have a changing station. When all was said and done, my baby was changed, on the floor in the bathroom and dinner went on. The food was good and we all had a nice time. I got the name and number of the owner, thinking I should call and request that they make the minimal investment of buying a changing table.

I called and left a message the next day… no response. Maybe they are just busy with the holiday season, but my gut is telling me that I am just a nobody in their world and it is going to take a bunch of us mamas calling and telling them that we would be happier with some equipment for the nasty job of poopy diaper changing that we have to do everyday. So, give them a call. Baris Pizza and Pasta, 989-8900. Tell them you are calling from the Mommy Mob. That should get their attention!

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  1. i’m on it! i, too, find this unimaginable! i have had to change DD’s diaper on too many bathroom floors to keep count, and it pisses me off to no end. the last manager i talked to about it faked not being able to speak english.

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