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School has been back in session for a week now. Are your kids already tired of seeing the same old thing in their lunch box?
AdvertisementMonica has three kids and is in need of some lunch box ideas for a new school year. Here’s what she writes:

Every year I pack lunches for my kids and every year, a couple of weeks into the school year, the kids start complaining about the lunches I pack and they end up eating the food served in the cafeteria most days. I’d like this year to be different. I’d like for them to eat what I send and actually enjoy it, but I’m already running out of ideas! I pack a sandwich, drink, fruit and either chips or a granola bar. I’m hoping your readers can share what they serve up to give me some inspiration. Any lunch box tips to be shared to bring some variety into the lunch menu?

Catherine Prystup
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  1. I like to make rolled sandwiches. I use tortillas smeared with cream cheese and add thinly sliced veggies or fruit. Roll it tightly and cut it in half. My son really likes these.

  2. My daughter is in 2nd grade in Hays CISD. I made her lunch everyday in Kindergarten and most days in 1st grade. This year we have a new food service company that offers a wider selection and healthier options, so I haven’t made lunch once. But many of the things I did for her included:
    making a “snacky” lunch including home-made breads, like pumpkin or banana-nut, yogurt, cheese sticks, apple slices with containers of peanut butter. I would also alternate the kind of sandwiches I sent (pb and j, pb and b, turkey and cheese, etc. She also happened to love pasta with butter on it, so I sent that every once in a while.

    The other thing I did was have her help pick out what she wanted-we would hit up the grocery store on Sunday and pick out enough lunch items for the week. That way there was a better chance of her eating what I sent.

    The only guarantee I had that she would eat what I sent was that she had to-at her school if you packed a lunch you couldn’t go through the cafeteria line-even if you had lunch money.

  3. My son loves cheese and crackers. Actually, he loves Manchego and Rosemary Triscuits (if you knew him you would know how crazy that sounds since he doesn’t like regular things like pizza or mac & cheese).

    He loves to make little sandwiches and I think he likes having something different than the plain old sandwich.

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