On Resting

Yeah, I said resting. Do you remember what that means? The days of long, long ago when you had an entire day to yourself. A day that was best spent in pajamas from morning until night and again until the next morning. I was reading Rene’s Blog tonight and found myself shaking my head yes in agreement with her: staring into space is vital to my health.  What about you?
AdvertisementHow does your body tell you that you’re doing way too much? Are there subtle signs, like an eye twitch or a cough that develops before complete meltdown? Do you get really cranky and yell at whoever is unlucky enough to cross your path? Or have you gotten to the point in life where you can recognize the signs of a coming burnout so that you can prevent it from completely knocking you out? What are your boundaries and how far can they be pushed before you lose it?

Catherine Prystup
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  1. i fall into the “oblivious” category and usually find myself sick and cranky before i realize that i kinda did it to myself by not getting enough rest. i am definitely one of those that yells for no reason when cranky, and then i feel like a really tired fool afterward.

    back in the day, i could get 4 hours of sleep a night for WEEKS and be fine. now, if i don’t get at least 7 a night for most nights a week, i’m sick and not fun to be around. i blame it mostly on my advanced age ;-p but, i also think that this job of SAHM/WAHM/WOHM is just 100s of times more intense than any other job i’ve had in my life. and that includes when i worked 2 f/t jobs while going to college p/t…i wasn’t this exhausted then!

    for me, the exhustion comes from having to be “on”. i’m a social introvert. i love people, but i also love a lot of down/quiet time to myself. you don’t get a lot of that with kids ;-)

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