saveonmom_card.gifPatience is a virtue and I’m so happy that you have it! I have a stack of Save On, Mom discount cards that I am going to be mailing out today. My apologies for making many of you wait for so long. You see, my brilliant engineer husband has created a handy program for me to be able to print these cards and it took a little time to get it going. So, for all of you wonderful ladies who requested a card over the past three weeks and have been anxiously waiting by the mailbox day after day… it will be there in the next couple of days. I promise!
AdvertisementI generally print and mail once every 7-10 days, so If you would like a card mailed out to you in this printing, click here to sign up. What the heck… I’ll even throw in a $10 gift certificate to Irie Bean Coffee Bar to the third person who requests a card today! The cards are FREE and the more members we have, the more companies will want to offer us a discount!!

Catherine Prystup
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Catherine Prystup founded out of a desire to build a better community for Austin-area moms. She has three children, ages seventeen, eight and three years old.

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