Perfect Park for Toddlers at the Triangle

There is a small playground tucked into the Triangle, designed specifically with 2-5 year olds in mind. I have been bringing my toddler there since he was learning to walk and there’s a lot that I appreciate about it:

* The play area is partially fenced, which helps to deter spontaneous runners. It is completely fenced on the side facing the street. This also allows for safe car and delivery truck viewing for children who are so inclined.

* The playscape is an appropriate height for small children. Caretakers can easily play and supervise without having to climb it themselves.

* The climbing wall is slanted instead of vertical. My toddler loves to climb, but the vertical walls found on most playgrounds are still to steep for him. This one however is just his speed.

* There are two picnic tables within the enclosed area.

* The turf grass seems to dry easily after it rains.
Advertisement* If your toddler is ready to move on, there are many things to explore outside of the playground: bocce ball courts, an open grassy field (where the Farmer’s Market is held), fairly wide sidewalks and even a fountain.



The only downside about the playscape is that it is small. During busy times at the Triangle, older children running the playground around may overwhelm the younger ones. The quietest time to go is before 11 AM. There are a couple nearby restaurants that serve breakfast and parking is easy to find in the morning.

Location: Inside the Triangle on the corner of Triangle Avenue and W 47th Street (next to Maudie’s Tex Mex).

About the author: Alison Fader-Brock has lived in Austin, Texas for over 10 years. She came here on a whim from the East Coast and Barton Springs, the breakfast tacos and great people have kept her happily here. She was inspired by her work at a criminal defense firm to earn her Masters of Science in Social Work at UT Austin. She has worked mainly with adolescents in school-based settings. She currently spends much of her time exploring Austin with her toddler.
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