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There are so many restaurants to choose from in Austin and as a parent to two children, I rarely have the opportunity to go out for an “adult” dinner. When I do have the chance to sneak out for a night off with my hubby, the decision on where to go can be quite challenging. There are a few of our regular restaurants that we used to visit frequently… before the baby came along. Since having a little one in the house again, our date nights have been few and far between, leaving us with a lack of knowledge on what new restaurants and bars have opened in Austin. I am very appreciative when people, especially busy mamas, take time to review restaurants and then share it with the community. For example, I was reading a post by Luckymom about Bess, a fairly new restaurant on 6th Street, owned by Sandra Bullock.

The Breaded Pork Tenderloin with a dried cherry sauce was a little too breaded and covered with a little too much dried cherry sauce.

My first wine selection was “out”. My second choice was in though so cold it felt like it had been stored in a freezer. For a long time. I couldn’t really taste it actually.
AdvertisementFortunately, my dinner mates all had great dishes to include Shepherd’s Pie.

I’d like to try Bess again as I need to try another entrée before deciding I need to move on.

food2.jpg If the food is bad, it saves me a trip. And if the review is a good one, it gets my butt motivated to find a babysitter on the double for the next date night! I know that many of you moms are in the same boat that I’m in and don’t have as many opportunities for a night out as you did in your former life without kids. That’s why we need to unite and spread the word when we find something that we like and also speak up if we have a bad dining experience. There is a restaurant review feature in the LiveMom Forum. Please tell us about your recent dining experiences, both the good and the bad. The power is in your voice and your opinion just might save another mom from a bad night out! Thanks, Deanna Roy for the photo.

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