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Yesterday I did some grocery shopping. Unlike anyone who actually went to the store on Labor Day, I did not wait in line, bump carts with fellow shoppers or parking lot cruise. I gave the Walmart Grocery PickUp a try, from the comfort of my desk chair.

I am not usually a fan of signing up for things online because every site is different and most are not user friendly, but I was pleasantly surprised to find Walmart’s Grocery site to be really easy to navigate. Registering was simple, of course, but so was finding everything I needed.

There are several ways to find items:

1. Categories on the front page

2. Pull down category menu on the left (produce, meat, household, etc.)

3. Type and search feature


As a bonus, I noticed once I ordered items they were automatically added to my favorites, making it much quicker to order my regulars next time! After putting all my items in the virtual cart, I chose a pick up time convenient for me. You can pick from date and time options going out a couple days, but I picked an early slot for the next day so I could pick up right after school drop off in the morning. I paid with my credit card and went off to enjoy the rest of the evening with my family.

The next morning I received a call that my order was ready for pick up, so I headed out. The way to the “Pickup” spots are clearly marked at every Walmart entrance. With signs posted and painted right on the roadway, I had no trouble finding the designated spots.

In front of each parking spot is a sign with the phone number to call for pickup, but someone came out before I could even dig out my phone.


Ryan, the Walmart associate, came out with my order and we went over it together to make sure everything was correct. Walmart was out of one item I ordered, but that would happen whether I went to the store or not. As far as I am concerned I would much rather just be told it is out of stock than spend 5 minutes hunting the aisle just to be sure. Ryan loaded it all in the back of my car, I signed on his hand-held device and that was it!


I got out to chat with him, but really, I could have just stayed in my car the whole time. It was incredibly convenient, and I really enjoyed being able to just swing in to the parking lot and right back out with all the groceries I needed. In the heat of Texas summer, it is hard to beat getting groceries without ever leaving your air conditioning or unbuckling a kid. Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything extra… no tips or markups. They do the hard part for you and won’t charge you for the privilege.


With all the time you can save letting Walmart wander the grocery aisles for you, you can read that book everyone is talking about or take a nap! I won’t tell anyone. Give it a try!

About the author: Katie Mastovich is mama to two daughters. Originally from Ft. Worth, she’s lived in the Austin-area for ten years. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching hockey games, and traveling as often as possible.

This post was sponsored by Walmart. All opinions expressed are my own.

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