Slow Cooking, Anyone?

I do enjoy the art of cooking- making things from scratch and learning about how different ingredients combine to make a successful meal. I have rosemary, sage, basil, cilantro and parsley all growing in planters, year round. I can walk outside of my front door and clip fresh herbs- I love it. And it saves lots of money when you need just a little… you can save $3.00 for a bunch at the grocery store and clip a little as you need it. Here’s a forum post from Diane on slow cooking over the weekend:

I have gotten into slow cooking on the weekends. Does anyone else share this interest? Basically it just means cooking everything from scratch. So, instead of opening a jar of spaghetti sauce you buy actual tomatoes and blanch them and peel them and start from the beginning. Anyone else interested in swapping recipes, etc?

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