Spring Break

Wow, I just realized that Spring Break is a month away. Perfect timing, because I am in desperate need of a vacation. I am trying to figure out what to do this year. I have been interested in taking a road trip through the southern states to visit some plantations. Plus, my husband has never seen that part of America and I think it is worth seeing. Spring time in the south is usually very nice with moderate temperatures and a lush, green landscape.

My one concern is traveling with a one year old in the car… for such a long time! I think my son was almost three when we drove across the country with him for the first time. We drove from Texas to Oregon, with several stops in between. He did a great job, only crying once. I am a little more cautious with a one year old on board. She belongs in this world of “all about me” and “I want what I want now, not in a minute, but NOW!!” Of course, she can’t say these things to me, but I hear it in her scream. The wonderful, new found scream that she has recently learned as a form of communication, especially enjoyable for her while I’m driving.Advertisement
I’m wondering how to keep her happy while keeping what’s left of my sanity! Do you have any tips and tricks on traveling long distances with little ones in tow that you can share to make vacation more enjoyable?

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  1. this is not going to be a popular trick, i warn you. and, part of me hates me for succumbing to this. we use a portable DVD player to anesthetize, oops, i mean calm/occupy our DD on road trips. it does cause some problems; she gets addicted to TV/movies and wants to see them all the time after the road trip. she’s fussier in the car for a week or so after the trip/when the DVD player’s been removed. and then, there’s that whole “not-teaching-my-kid-to-entertain-herself” facet.

    i’m absolutely no help at all.

    well, okay, i can be of some help. if the weather is good, i try to plan for outdoor stops along the way. for example, if i’m headed to dallas, a stop at the waco zoo is in order. if the weather’s crappy, finding shopping malls with free play areas is important (we did this on a trip to the TX coast this past fall).

    whatever you decide, enjoy your trip! i love road trips. the SE states will be so deliciously beautiful and fragrant with wildflowers next month!

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