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The boiling hot temperature outside inevitably leads me to think of cooler days ahead. Honestly, I yearn for those days to get here sooner rather than later. I know that in Texas, this is delusional dreaming. Those cooler days are still months away. Yet somehow, I have a feeling I’m not the only one in Austin dreaming about a strong cold front sweeping in from the north and dropping the temperature down to, um, maybe 60 degrees instead of 102!! If you’re with me, now is the time to make Rumtopf. You heard me right. I said RUMTOPF. That wasn’t me sneezing.

It’s a German thing, y’all. I can only say that I’ve had it once. It was at my mother-in-laws house a couple of years ago. I was really liking the idea of gathering berries and fruit from the summer months, storing it in a big old jar and dousing it with Rum to preserve it. I forgot about it until I was reading a recipe book in one of our rentals that we were staying at in Germany last week. It’s a traditional German Christmas dish that’s made in the early summer months. And since it’s only the end of July here, which means that we are half way through summer, now is the perfect time to make it, right?!

Wondering what to do with a huge jar of rum-soaked fruit? Sure, you can just pour it into a cup and toss it down that way. But, that might not be the most civilized way of doing it. Some ideas…. Pour it over vanilla bean ice cream or creme fraiche. Scoop out a little fruit and rum to add to a glass of champagne. Drizzle the rum over pound cake and adorn it with berries. Ah, the options are endless!
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So, here’s to thinking ahead to the future. To cooler days and fruit soaked in rum. To holiday gifts made in the summer. Cheers!

Click here for a Rumtopf recipe.

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