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Have you ever had a meat pie?

I recently had the opportunity to try several different meat and veggie pies from Boomerang’s Gourmet Veggie and Meat Pies in Austin. All of them were tasty, but I especially liked the ones with meat inside. Out of all of the veggie options, I preferred the spinach and mushroom. I had never eaten a meat pie prior to these and thought that it would be a nice and easy thing to make- even going so far as doubling the recipe and freezing them for future meals.
AdvertisementSo, I’ve been searching around on the old internet and found a super easy recipe for meat pies. It sounds like something one could make quickly after work, which is a good thing for busy moms. Then, I found this recipe and thought that it would be the perfect one to make on a lazy Sunday spent in the kitchen trying out new recipes.

Have any of you made meat pies before? If so, share your recipe, please! We would be so grateful.

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