Thursday’s Dish: A Simple Summer Picnic

One of our favorite ways to wind down a summer evening is to pack a picnic dinner and burn off the daylight at our favorite public pool. Because such an outing spans the dinner hour, I often find myself scrambling to throw together something to feed the family that requires no plates or utensils, is easily portable, and is appropriate for the hot weather. In the past, I’ve slapped together a heap of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grabbed a bag each of chips and grapes and called it good. That’s a perfectly fine poolside dinner, but sometimes you want something a little more nutritious and, frankly, interesting.

I found some multigrain lavash bread on sale at Whole Foods recently and decided to give it a try, as I’d been planning to make some wraps but wanted something a little more virtuous than those giant tortillas you find with most wraps.

I decided to make two kinds of wraps: one vegetarian (hummus, feta, and olive) and one for omnivores (turkey, bacon, and avocado).

For the veggie one, I spread a healthy portion of hummus on the bread, all the way to the edges, then sprinkled some crumbled feta and some chopped kalamata olives:


After that, I added some roughly chopped garden tomato and some red leaf lettuce:


Then I rolled it up and sliced it in half. Here’s where spreading the hummus all the way to the edges of the lavash comes in handy; it acts as a sort of delicious glue that holds the bread in place and keeps the wrap from coming undone.

AdvertisementFor the meat wrap, I followed the same process. Spread the avocado on the bread:


Add turkey, two slices of bacon, lettuce, and tomato and roll and slice.


Add some tubs of fruit (what you see here is watermelon and grapes, easily eaten with one’s hands) and maybe a little treat (like snickerdoodles!) and you’re ready to go.


Don’t forget to take napkins (we have a nearly unmanageable stash of cloth napkins that we use in order to reduce waste; if I’m feeling really daring, I’ll pack the picnic in some Lunchskins, although they are expensive to replace if you lose them) and some cold drinks.

Happy splashing and snacking!

About the author: Melanie Haupt is a recent graduate of the PhD program in English at UT Austin. She’s a freelance writer, teacher, crafter, mama, and sometimes blogger at My Rubberbandball.

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