Thursday’s Dish: Easter Traditions

Ham, Lamb, or Hens. What does your family traditionally eat for Easter dinner?

One of my favorite dishes to make for Easter is Cornish Game Hens. I’m sure the tradition started sometime in my childhood, although I can’t remember which occasion my mom would serve them. I like serving them for Easter dinner because they are small, light and tasty. Not being a religious person, the Easter meal for me symbolizes Springtime, when I typically tend to scale back on the bulkier meals and start to make lighter fare that fits better to warmer weather. This year, I will be making Spice-Rubbed Cornish Hens with Haroseth Stuffing and Sherry Jus, a recipe that I found last year in Gourmet Magazine (April 2009).

If your family enjoys eating lamb for Easter, try this recipe for Rostelle that I posted a while back. It’s not a time consuming dish to make, other than dicing the meat into small pieces and then putting them on a skewer. We’ve served rostelle to many people who were weary about trying lamb and they all loved it.
AdvertisementWhat will you be making this year for Easter? Do you go the traditional route or have you made up your own menu that leaves out the ham, lamb and hens? I would try to make some sort of hot cross buns, but I am horrible at producing anything that has yeast involved. Anyone have an easy, no-fail recipe for Easter bread?

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