Thursday’s Dish: Margaritas to Beat the Heat

Blood Orange Margarita -- photo by Gouramanda
photo courtesy of (and copyright) Gouramanda

With temperatures creeping over 100 — okay, more like pole vaulting over 100 — and no end in sight, It’s easy to start getting cranky this time of year. You know what helps with that? A cold beverage. Even better? A margarita.

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned ‘rita — frozen or on the rocks, salt or no — to make even the hottest afternoon seem moderately bearable, and maybe even enjoyable. From Plain Jane to tricked up (blackberry or avocado, anyone?), here are a few of our picks to keep you nice and cool over the next few stifling weeks. Click on the links for recipes. Cheers!

Watermelon Margarita (from Food Good, Laundry Bad) — You simply can’t go wrong with watermelon this time of year, especially in combination with lime… and tequila.

Mason Jar Margaritas (from Stetted) — How could you resist this adorable (and practical) presentation?

Mason Jar Margaritas (photo copyright Megan Myers)
photo courtesy of (and copyright) Megan Myers

Avocado Margarita (from Metropochris) — Want a little something different, and — dare I say it — even a little healthy-ish? An avocado margarita should do the trick.

Avocado Margarita, copyright Chris Perez
photo courtesy of (and copyright) Chris Perez

White Peach Margarita (from Gourmet Veggie Mama*) — Peaches also make a brilliant, seasonal spin on a classic margarita.

Fresh Fruit Margaritas (from Learn.Act.Live.Love.) — Margarita-as-smoothie? Yes, please.

photo courtesy of (and copyright)
photo courtesy of (and copyright)

Spicy Roasted Shishito Pepper Margarita (from The Kitchn) — Yep, it’s a shishito-rita. And you thought the best was to enjoy those shishito peppers you got at the farmers market was blistered with a little salt! (Yes, that is still delicious, too.)Advertisement
Sunseterita (from Wine with Lisa) — The addition of passionfruit liqueur kicks this marg up a notch.

Sunseterita, photo by
Photo courtesy of (and copyright)

Grapefruit Margarita (from Green Door Hospitality) — Grapefruit is a welcome twist to the more traditional citrus (lime and lemon) found in margaritas.

Blood Orange Margarita (from Gouramanda) — If you can get your hands on some blood oranges (which, granted, can be a difficult proposition this time of year), this naturally-blood red concoction is guaranteed to hit the spot… but maybe save it for one of those unseasonably warm January days when blood oranges are bounteous.

Blood Orange Margarita -- photo by Gouramanda
photo courtesy of (and copyright) Gouramanda

Blackberry-Thyme Margaritas (from Gourmet Veggie Mama*) — Here’s an unusual twist on a margarita that makes use of blackberries and thyme — two hardy survivors that are everywhere in the hot August sun.

The Perfect Margarita (from Bon Appétit)– Last but not least, how about the classic, in its purest form? Bon Appétit‘s formula for the perfect margarita (no Triple Sec or sticky-sweet mixers required) is just that — perfect.

* Yep, that’s me. I do like a good margarita.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info] Lauren Walz is a freelance writer and editor and mama to a two-year-old girl. While she’s quick to brag about being a fifth-generation Texan, Lauren moved to Northern California in 2004 after graduating from UT Law and lived in the Silicon Valley area until last spring, when she and her family were drawn back to Austin. Lauren is busy getting re-acquainted with her old stomping grounds and is astonished by how the food and wine scene has changed in Austin in the past 8 years. Lauren also blogs about cooking and parenthood on[/author_info] [/author]


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