Thursday’s Dish: Savory Kids

LiveMom is excited to team up with Savory Spice Shop to offer a series of events to introduce kids to the world of spices!

Creative Commons License photo credit: KBoneva

For the next three Mondays in June, from 10:30 a.m. to noon, kids ages 7-12 can enjoy a cooking lesson and taste several fun treats. What better way to introduce them to more flavors than by tasting and trying new things in an interactive setting!

The cost for each class is $6 per child, and they must be accompanied by one adult. Classes are limited so be sure to register quickly, either in the store, by phone (512.524.1093) or by email to

Here are the topics:
June 13                        Healthy and Tasty Snacks
June 20                        A Yummy Trip to Morocco
June 27                        Not Just Ordinary TacosAdvertisement
Healthy and Tasty Snacks will explore fun treats including Fruit Kabobs, Vindaloo Fruit and Nuts with Yogurt, Popcorn with all kinds of sprinkles, and Veggie Sandwiches. A Yummy Trip to Morocco features a great recipe for Chicken Ras El Hanout that has apricots and more. Not Just Ordinary Tacos explores all the different ways you can flavor tacos and salsas.

“Like” Savory Spice Shop’s Facebook page to watch for updates. And if you haven’t been to Savory Spice Shop, you are in for a treat! Give yourself a little time before or after the event to smell, taste and shop. I love their pre-mixed spice packets!

My daughter and I will be there, and as a recap, I’ll be posting pictures and recipes from the event each week of June on Thursday’s Dish. We hope to see you there!

(And shame on those of you who saw the title and thought I was going to share some pithy, morbid recipe on how to serve braised child – how could you think such a thing? Although, obviously, I did.)

Written by: Shannon Oelrich

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