To be seen or not to be seen?

I don’t know how people did it back in the day without baby monitors. I would be checking out my baby every ten minutes- especially in those early months! A LiveMom mama has a question about video versus standard monitors. Let’s see if we can help her decide which is better.

Our first kid is coming early May, and I was wondering if anybody has any advice as far as monitors go. What’s the deal with the video option – is it worth it? I have a friend who said it’s the best thing ever, but, I’m not so sure – I imagine if you’re trying to let the kid cry himself back to sleep, seeing him probably isn’t the best idea. Other than video vs. standard… any great products/deals out there?

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  1. I had the audio monitors and they were great. I could tell by the breathing if my daughter was awake or not. My sister has the video monitor. While it’s great to be able to look at the baby, I didn’t see any advantage over the cheaper audio version. I would recommend saving your money on this issue.


  2. quick tip NOT wholly related to the above but when we traveled first time with our daughter we forgot a monitor.

    until we could get out the next day to buy one we used out cell phones (we were sitting outside the hotel room in the hall :))

    we “called each other” and left one phone by her in the crib.

    just a tip!


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