I know that staycations are all the rage now that gas prices are skyrocketing and bank accounts are dwindling, but some families are braving the decline in their savings accounts for a vacation on the road. We are soon going to packing our bags and flying the sometimes-not-so-friendly skies for a long vacation to Europe to visit my husband’s friends and family. I’ve done some research on traveling with a toddler on a long journey- one suggestion was to bring along window clings for the kid to peel off and stick back on the window, but I can’t find these anywhere in Austin. We even took a short extended weekend trip to California a couple of weeks ago to get a taste of what it would be like. All in all it went well- no major crying fits, lots of time with her little toddler hands playing in my water and bringing along the Dum-Dums and a bag of Cheetos was a life saving idea!
AdvertisementWhat have you used to bribe your kids when traveling? Are there any tricks that you can share with me as I prepare for a very long journey with a very active toddler? Any particular toys or crafts that your kids enjoy?

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  1. michael’s has the clings, too.

    livie’s traveled a little since her grandparents live in MD, and each time we’ve traveled since she’s been about 13 months we’ve brought a bag of small toys she’s never seen before as well as a LOT of snacks. roll-on lip gloss, non-toxic nail polish, stickers, miniature dolls, and play jewlery are her favs. we also bring her new books she hasn’t seen. and, we use the anesthitizing powers of the portable DVD player. livie NEVER sleeps on the plane, but we’re lucky in that the direct flight from AUS to BWI is just under 4 hours, so it’s doable.

    if you have layovers, running amok on the people mover is great fun. jumping up and down on the chairs is fun, too. livie got a huge kick out of carrying/pulling her own small suitcase (good for wearing them out), too.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Andria. I bought some butterfly clings at Teacher’s Haven today, amongst many other things that I couldn’t resist!

    And Lori, I love the portable DVD player idea. We brought it along for the California trip, but it decided to quit working and since I was traveling alone- without my Mr. Fix It husband, we had to do without. Will try it again for the next trip!

  3. Walmart has a nice selection of the clings as well – but it’s over in the paint/wall paper section…Disney Princesses, Dora, Cars, etc…
    Portable DVD is a MUST have for long flights (or car drives). My girls enjoy taking along their doll house people (we don’t do Barbie but it’s the same basic idea…small people fit well into carry on luggage!) and they play “house”…or we act out what it’s gonna be like when we see “mimi & papa” or some other crazy scenario. Yes – even my 2 year old gets into this!
    Security blanket or lovey is a must as well!
    And…I always have a couple of surprises tucked away that they don’t know I have with me. Target $1 Spot is a favorite place to stock up on special prizes for trips.
    We also play a lot of games…”I Spy” type games.
    Good luck & have fun! :)

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