Virtual Playground: What’s the one thing you can’t resist buying for your kids?

Often times, as moms, we gather around the slide or the sandbox while our kids play to discuss issues that are on our minds. Since LiveMom is primarily an online community of local Austin moms, we thought we would start a monthly discussion about issues that are important to us and that we think may also be important to you. Instead of meeting at the park, we can have a little chat here online at our virtual playground.

Shannon: Now that it’s summer, I find those polite requests for ice cream pretty hard to ignore, and I’m likely to have some myself. From the time my daughter was a baby, though, I’ve had the most trouble with books and clothes. It could certainly be worse, but she’s got a bookcase that you couldn’t squeak another book into and a closet that’s full.

The closet’s a problem because I’m not the only one who has trouble resisting cute clothes: She has THREE grandmas, TWO great-grandmas plus a couple of friends who have started giving us hand-me-downs. I try to keep my shopping to resale stores so I’m not spending much money on clothes, and she does outgrow things quickly, but still … she could get by on a lot less.
AdvertisementKatie: At the moment it is Dora the Explorer. I don’t buy her everything Dora but just the little things which she uses anyway and are inexpensive like sippy cups and underwear. I figure this way she is at least enjoying it everyday as opposed to a Dora toy which will just disappear into the toy box never to be heard from or played with again.

Nicole: One thing I can’t seem to resist buying for my son is books. I am a weekly library visitor also, but for car trips, airplanes and impromptu rewards it seems as if there is nothing better than a book (or two, or three). I really like the idea of buying books at Recycled Reads, which is a used bookstore which benefits the Austin Public Library, and Half Price (with their extensive Clearance section, full of paperbooks under $2) is a fun outing with my four year old. There is nothing quite like walking out with an armful of books for less than $10!

Catherine: Every Wednesday at Salvation Army is half-price day. I am not by any means addicted to shopping. While I like to do the occasional therapy shopping, it’s not something that has ever been a concern. Until I found out about half-price day at Salvation Army. My kids have drawers full of clothes, yet I find myself just stopping in at least a couple of times a month on half-price day. It’s almost become an addiction- one that I am watching very closely!

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  1. Books and more books. Well arts and crafts stuff. Clothing too. I will walk Around with old, spitup, stained clothes with holes but will not let my kids walk out like that. ;)
    My theory, if I am still wearing a baby and nursing a toddler, it is not worth it to buy nice clothing…who can see them anyways. ;p

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