We Wish You Magic This Holiday Season

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Dear Reader,

Another year is quickly drawing to a close. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, the light at the end of the tunnel is almost here. The agonizing over the perfect gift for friends and family is (thankfully) mostly over. The bottom of the tree is filling with presents (well, unless they must be hidden from overzealous children or the family pets). If you travel during the holidays, you are unpacking and listening to the cacophony that is excited children from far-flung locales happily playing. The to do list is getting shorter, either because things are finally coming together (hallelujah!) or you realize it’s just not going to happen…not this year, at least.

Yes, there may have been raised voices leading up to this day. There very well may have been tears shed when we realized one of our ornaments from childhood was dropped by a well-meaning pint-sized tree decorator. We may have supersized our glass of wine after a particularly long afternoon of holiday crafts. We may be in the running for Worst Mom of the Year when we realize we forgot to get the cookies for the class party.

But by Christmas, all of these worries will be cast aside. We will wake hours earlier than we thought humanly possible to the excited proddings of our children exclaiming, “Mommy, Daddy, Santa was here! He ate the cookies! I want to open my presents!” We will shuffle to the living room and watch the magic unfold, just as it happened when we were children. The glimmer in their eyes. The thrill we as parents experience in giving and the joy we see in our kids in getting exactly what it is they wanted.
AdvertisementThe kids won’t notice that you were too busy to hang all of the decorations. They won’t mind that your Elf on the Shelf was forgotten a time or two. They certainly don’t care if you skipped the holiday cards this year.

Whatever the holiday season means to us, to you, is different for all, but the one thing that we know is true all around is that this is the time to be with friends and family. While we take a little time off over the next couple of weeks to spend time with ours, we wish you a very happy end to your 2013, and that the magic of Christmas finds a way into your new year!

Thank you for reading, sharing and helping build a better village for us all.


The whole crew here at LiveMom

Catherine Prystup
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