5 Tips on How To Survive As a Working Mom

Right now my life is pretty crazy. I’ve got 6 month old twins and an almost 4 year old. My husband and I both work full time outside of the home, and I blog regularly on the side. People often ask me how I do so much and still look sane, and I’d love to share my tips that might help any working mom out there. Don’t get me wrong, my life is not perfect and I’m not always calm and collective but I’ve learned a few things in my journey that help me with a busy schedule.


1. Team Effort

Let me start by saying…Single Moms. You rule the world! I have heard of Single mom Facebook groups where Moms in certain areas help each other out with errands, pick-ups, watching a sick kiddo if you’re in a bind.etc. Reach out to friends and family if they are close! To the moms that do have a significant other, ask your spouse for help, and make it a team effort. I’ve read lots of articles about how husbands don’t help as often as women would like, but if you simply ask they are very willing. ASK! I naturally want to do things on my own, and I’m very guilty of the “I want it my way so I’ll just do it” mindset. Well, when life is crazy, you have to learn to let it go and accept help even if it’s not the way you would do it (ME talking to myself right now ; ) ) I really REALLY dislike cooking, so I’ve asked my husband to do most of the cooking, which he is willing to do. While he cooks, I play with kiddos. While I give Turner a bath, he feeds the twins. We are a great team!

2. Stay Organized

Write it down or put it in your phone! I like writing down the things I have for the month on a calendar at work, as well as putting them in my phone. Every day I write on a sticky note the things I want to accomplish that day/night after I get off of work. It helps me to stay focused on the most important things that need to get done.


3. Clean UpAdvertisement
Study after study has shown that a messy home causes stress. I know, I know…when do you have time to clean? My advice to you would be to do a quick clean every night before bed. Pick up the toys, wipe down the counter top, and maybe load the dishwasher (I’m very guilty of letting dishes sit in the sink for a few days). If you can afford it, hire a house cleaner once a month or if you’re lucky once a week.

4. Make Time For You

This is a big one. In my time outside of work sans kids I enjoy blogging, exercising, happy hours with friends and shopping if I’m lucky. I blog when my kids are in bed or during my lunch breaks, I exercise on the weekends or walk with my kids around my neighborhood, I plan happy hours with my girlfriends about every six weeks, and I love window shopping. Find something that makes you happy and put it on the calendar. Planning in advance is key if I want time for myself. I try not to commit to more than one activity during the work week sans kids, because in this stage of my life I think it’s kind of cruel for my husband to have to watch all 3 young kiddos by himself. Don’t get me wrong, he can do it and really doesn’t complain. But if he was going out more than once a week, I might go crazy.


5. Plan Something Fun

I live for the weekends. Who doesn’t? I enjoy planning fun activities to keep me excited for the weeks/months to come. Anyone else start planning a vacation a year in advance so you can have something to look forward to? I’ve been planning a trip to Disney for Christmas 2017 since Christmas 2015. Having something planned, even if it is small, like having a family movie night or going to the splash pad with friends can brighten your spirits through the week. A date night would be an added bonus! I’d also add that taking a vacation is very important. It doesn’t have to be an expensive and long vacation. I recently took a 2 day vacation with my neighbors and all our kiddos and it was just the refresher I needed. Take off a Friday, and go on a day date with your spouse…those are my favorite!


I hope these tips help you enjoy this crazy beautiful time in your life!

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