A Mommy Mob Party

Whenever we hit summer, I always find myself antsy-pantsy to throw a party. My line of work doesn’t slow much in summer, and child care gets more complicated not less. Still, there is that little schoolgirl in me that can’t help but equate June with fun and frolic.  Maybe that’s why I can’t shake the feeling that a party may be just the cure for my summertime blues from negative campaigns and low voter turnout.

I’ll admit, I’m thinking of doing what probably goes against the very rules of throwing a big bash. I want a party with an agenda. It would be big fun, but meaningful fun, so you, your friends, your kids, and I would leave it feeling energized, maybe even ready to make a difference.

As a working mom, I get the challenge of making good on good intentions.  Sometimes our plates seem just too full to do one more thing. We might be horrified by an ugly statistic in a newspaper or get angered by a community injustice, but turning that vague notion that “I should do something” into concrete action can be daunting. That goes double when you’re juggling the very real needs and demands of mothering.

So what if I made it not just easy for you, but fun?  What if there was a big party for moms, where bringing along your kiddos wasn’t just acceptable, it was precisely the thing to do? Friends and significant others of all kinds would be welcome, too. This party would feed you and teach you, it would host your kids in activities that were both fun and helped them better understand the community they live in. And you would get to know what’s happening around you–find out a little about issues that impact your life–and have a chance to find out how to make a difference, with the life and time you’ve got.

If I could promise, you would leave with a smile, a full belly, and a full mind–and you would also have actually had the on-the-spot opportunity to make a difference and get your voice heard on the things that impact Texas families–would it make it on your calendar? If I throw it, will you come?

A Policypalooza. A Civic Engagement Bonanza. In short, a Mommy Mob Party.  Are you ready to demand better,  and have a good time doing it?

Let me know, and we’ll start planning. . . .

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Written by: Eileen Garcia

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Christine Sinatra is the communications director for Texans Care for Children and mom to a kindergartener. Her past experience includes working as a reporter for the Austin American-Statesman and the Oakland Tribune company, being a Peace Corps volunteer for high school girls in Africa, and studying at UT’s LBJ School of Public Affairs.

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  1. I would be delighted to. The only problem is squeezing it in to an already tight schedule, but sounds like a great idea.

  2. I’d also love to come. Schedule it and we’ll try to get as many families as possible. There’s probably not a perfect time, so no use trying to find it. Just find one and let’s make it work!

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