A Mother & Wife’s Airing of Grievances

Are you a Seinfeld fan? If so, I’m sure you have heard of Festivus, which is a parody celebration to Christmas. My favorite part of Festivus is the airing of grievances, which is your opportunity to tell others how much they have disappointed you the past year.  I’ve compiled a small list of grievances that I’ve had as a wife and mom over the past year. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t simmer on these things all year, but it was kind of fun and therapeutic writing them out.

Airing of Grievances

  1. A husband who refuses to replace the toilet paper
  2. A child who will not stay in their bed at night, and comes out 3-4 times before I’m close to threatening their life if they don’t stay in bed.
  3. In-laws who react with “Really? Are you serious? ” when you tell them the name of your future baby.
  4. Pregnant women who think the world revolves around them, and won’t stop complaining
  5. A husband who refuses to take off his filthy muddy shoes on your carpet that you just had professionally cleaned
  6. A child who pee’s their pants two seconds after you leave the restroom
  7. Mom bloggers who have no clue of financial reality
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  9. The working vs. stay at home mommy wars
  10. The phrase mommy wars
  11. A child who is INSANELY picky about their clothes, and every single morning is a struggle getting ready for school.
  12. Daycare bills
  13. Women’s maternity leave in the U.S.
  14. A husband who thinks “cleaning” the kitchen is putting his plate in the dishwasher, which RARELY happens.
  15. Being flooded with “How To” and “Top 10” posts on Facebook
  16. In-laws you call your child their “baby” instead of their grandchild

Now the fun part. What are some of your grievances from the past year? I would love to hear them!

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