Ahhhh, Massage Harmony

When the fine folks at Massage Harmony invited us to review their services for Livemom, I jumped at the chance. I haven’t had a massage that didn’t involve complaining from my husband since I was pregnant with my son James, who is now 4 years old.

I arrived at my appointed time to find the reception area nicely-decorated, and a few massage therapists standing at the front. My own greeting party! Ok, they weren’t really all waiting for me; just one of them was. Tiffany introduced herself and asked about my experience with massage therapy and we discussed spots I wanted to her focus on during our time together.

Tiffany led me to a comfortable, dimly-lit room, where I contemplated leaving my undergarments on, but decided to be brave, since she mentioned it would be easier for her to work if she didn’t have to contend with bra straps. I disrobed and hopped up on to the table, covering myself with a cool sheet and prepared for awesomeness.

The massage itself was very relaxing. I think I may have nodded off a couple of times, and I hope I didn’t snore. Always the professional, Tiffany didn’t mention if I did. She noted that my shoulders were pretty tight, and proceeded to focus on them, which was wonderful. The “worst” part of the massage was when I realized that my hour was about to be up.Advertisement
There are massage places all over Austin, but I recommend that you check out Massage Harmony. Not only are their rates amazing, at a mere $44 for a 60-minute massage (and only $34 for first-timers!), but they offer many types of massage, all without extra charges. Clients can choose from Swedish, deep tissue, sports, Shiatsu, reflexology and pregnancy massages without having to pay anything extra. They have also recently begun offering Ashiatsu bar therapy. Ashiatsu is Japanese for, “foot pressure.” The therapist uses a bar to balance themselves over you while providing your back with deep, flowing pressure. I plan to go back and try this! And when I do go back, I know I will not be pressured to purchase a membership, because, unlike other massage places, Massage Harmony does not do memberships. You are able to purchase packages, which net you discounts, but never a membership contract.

Prenatal massage deserves its own paragraph, because I do not know a single pregnant woman who would turn down a chance to lie face-down on a massage table. Massage Harmony has made that possible with the recent purchase of out-of-this-world comfortable prenatal massage pillows. Next time your partner grouses when you ask for a massage, here is what I want you to say: “You know, honey, Massage Harmony in Austin has prenatal massage pillows, which means I could get a full-body massage without being uncomfortable. At just $34 for a 60 minute massage for first time customers, I think it would be a great investment in the well-being of both the baby and me.” BAM! I just got you a massage. You’re welcome, pregnant women of Austin.

Massage Harmony is open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. In addition to the Westlake location I visited in the West Bank Plaza at 3300 Bee Cave Rd, locals are invited to the original Massage Harmony spa located in the Westgate Shopping Center at 4477 S. Lamar Blvd. Those interested in a massage can call the Westlake spa at 512-306-0900 or the Westgate spa at 512-358-9300 to book an appointment. Customers are encouraged to arrive at least 10 minutes early. Walk-ins welcome. For more information, visit Massage Harmony.