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Here at LiveMom, we put out a call to a few of our friends to see if anyone else wanted to join us on our Bucket List Adventure for 2014. The idea was to get out there and do one thing we’ve always wanted to do in Austin…about one per month. It might be with kids, might be without. Either way, we’re going to report back to you on how it went. If you go to the page with all of our lists, you can see which ones we have completed and written about.

We’re thrilled that Traci Shannon joined us on our quest! Without further ado, here’s her report on her third “mission”:

I hate cold water. I admit it. As a Texas girl, I like my water Gulf style – warm enough for a bath. So I have had a fear of Barton Springs. All I heard was how cold it is and I thought, “Well, that’s not for me”. Yet I couldn’t feel like a real Austinite without ever dipping a toe in Barton Springs pool so I added it to my Austin Bucket List.

So last week, I headed down to Zilker and made my way back to the water. There are varying costs to attend based on age and if you’re a resident of Austin. For me, it was $3 but parking was free because it was a weekday. Here I am at the ticket counter doing my best “supermodel” pose. Or my “I’m not scared to jump into cold water” pose.

Barton Springs 1

Also, as I went early in the day, it was not crowded.

Barton Springs 2

Because of the low water-flow, the far end of the pool, which should be full, is beach like. For whatever reason (mainly my husband’s prodding), I started my entrance there. I was scared. Here I am prior to my entrance:

I was tentative, obviously…

Barton Springs 3


And then I actually got it in. Slowly…Advertisement

Barton Springs 4


And then fully…


Barton Springs 5


And yes, it is cold. But not as cold as I feared.


Barton Springs 6


Here are my thoughts post-dip:

So I did it! And as I mentioned on the clip, I might even come back. I feel more Austin already. Austin Bucket List item checked. Onto new adventures…

So all in all – thumbs up! And another check in the done column for my Bucket List!

Have you been holding out on going to Barton Springs? What have you always wanted to do in Austin, but never gotten around to?

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Traci Shannon is a former actress turned military wife, SAHM, and hopeful writer. She spends her days trying to catch up with that life that happened while she was busy making plans. You can read her adventures at A Star in My Own Universe.[/author_info] [/author]

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