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What in the world is that, way up in the sky? A Bird? A Plane? A Unicorn? A Unicorn-Pegasus! No… It’s Play Date!

Soaring through time and space to win the hearts of kids, parents and magical creatures everywhere! Shanti Wintergate and Greg Attonito (The Bouncing Souls) are bringing their love of music and adventure to kids at the speed of sound!

After touring the U.S. to read (and sing) their children’s book I Went for a Walk to children of all ages, Shanti and Greg returned home inspired. Together, they created an entire album of top-drawer music for the whole family – euphonious, upbeat and well-crafted songs to delight the ears and more refreshing than an ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer day. There’s the esteem-boosting anthem I’m Rad (“I’m Rad because I like to draw everything that I can see, I’m RAD because I like ME!”); and the empowering messages in Anyone Can Sing and Imagination which encourage singing from the heart and tapping the limitless imagination that lives in all of our hearts.  The playful, educational rock-steady rhythm of The Number Song tells the story of how “One, won the race of numbers.” And Dance Like A Monster will inspire kids from six to 60 to… well… Dance like a monster! What ever the subject, tempo, rhythm or rhyme you’ll be singing while you Dance Like a Monster in no time!

All of this and much more. So grab a friend, tune your imagination to the key of awesome and buckle up before we take off – it’s time for Play Date!

LM: What is the source of inspiration for your music? Are either of you parents?

Greg: There are so many inspirations.. Our inspirations are equal to the amount of stars in the sky.  Come to think of it the sky and the stars could be on the top ten inspiration list.  With our children’s music we are inspired to share our sense of wonder, creativity, positivity and playfulness. We are inspired by the kids!

We aren’t parents at the moment but.. We’ll see :)

LM: What’s the best part about performing for children?

Greg: There are many great aspects about playing for children. One of the best I think is being their first live music experience.  I remember the first time someone played a guitar and sang for my first grade class at elementary school.  It was such a huge moment for me.  I look in the eyes of some of the kids and I see they are having that kind of experience. It can be a great long lasting positive experience for the kids and its a lot of fun for us!

LM: Have you been to Austin before? What are you looking forward to doing while in town?

Greg: I have performed in Austin many times.  It really stands out as one of the greatest cities in America for music and I have played in almost every one.  I’m looking forward to seeing friends and enjoying the ACL fest!

LM: What’s on your ACL schedule? Which bands are you looking forward to seeing?Advertisement
Greg: I am a huge Cure fan… Shanti and I saw them last year at the Leeds festival in England and it was amazing! I would like to see Lionel Richie, Depeche Mode and a bunch of bands I’ve never seen before.

Shanti: I am also looking forward to seeing The Cure again, Depeche Mode of course and a TON of other bands… to name just a few… Wilco, The National, Neko Case, Passion Pit, Local Natives, Haim, MS MR, and we’re also excited to see and connect with the other awesome Austin Kiddie Limits Bands.

LM: What do you hope children gain from listening to Play Date?

Shanti: We hope that kids will be inspired to sing, dance, play and express themselves in a new way.  We also hope that kids and parents alike will listen and feel the sense of joy and love that we put into making this music.

LM: What advice would you give to parents of budding musicians to encourage a lifelong love of music?

Shanti: Keep it fun, and natural.  The world out there is competitive oriented enough.  Music is an amazing way to continue expressing yourself creatively no matter WHAT you end up doing in your life.  This applies to appreciating/listening and making music.  Listen to all kinds of music with them and create with them.

Play Date will be on the Austin Kiddie Limits stage the following dates:

Fri, Oct. 4th | 1:30 – 1:55 PM

Sun, Oct. 6th | 2:30 – 2:55 PM

Fri, Oct. 11th | 1:30 – 1:55 PM

Sat, Oct. 12th | 1:30 – 1:55 PM

You can follow Play Date on Facebook, Twitter or on their website.


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